You can retire in 5 working during pregnancy

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Almost all women at least once during the lifetime chance of pregnancy. This is quite strange for a time period of each woman. Happy, anxiety, depression, physical discomfort, mental strain, etc., many of the women during pregnancy is very hesitant to spend leisure time. And beyond that there is the opportunity to spend time at home is the most boring woman. How to spend nine months pregnant so worried about everything.

 Choose to spend leisure positive pregnancy works. The tasks to be light-hearted and happy, the child will benefit, they choose to spend time. Let's get to know about the 5 ways to spend leisure pregnancy.

Keep bedside book.

 During pregnancy do not want to cut it so easily this time to spend a good place to buy some books. Spending time when it will be difficult to sit down and read a book to the good wear. So you can easily cut your prenatal care. At the same time, if the child's mind even be a positive impact.

Children see the growth of the Internet

 How womb growing, at what should be, how to take care of the child after the birth of numerous sites on the Internet, etc. There are different issues. Your prenatal care and taking care of your child at these sites will be able to spend most of the day time. It will increase your knowledge.

See romantic and comedy movies

 It is good to keep in mind as well as during pregnancy. So keep in mind that time and spend time with your friends and romantic movie comedy could be. During this action, thriller or horror movie should not be seen at all. The movie, which increases the stress is harmful for the unborn baby.

In the afternoon, go for a walk outside

 Need some exercise during pregnancy. The need to do at home all day with little being out in the open air. In the afternoon, you can spend a little bit out of retirement during pregnancy is walking. It will be good in the womb, you do not go too much fat.

Please yoga

 To avoid pregnancy, emotional instability, and yoga can keep the body healthy. This yoga can give you some peace of mind at the convenient seat. You can cut the boring times.

Pregnancy activity

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Today's children are tomorrow's future. The role brought him the most beautiful in the world, how much care is taken to him?
What do we really know how to take care of the mother during pregnancy and a healthy baby will be fully developed mentally? If the mother was or not, all you need to know is very important to know, especially girls. In this situation, the child and the mother's health, let's discuss some of the information.

Food and exercise

 In the first three months of the baby's body was formed. Mother must eat a nutritious meal. Alcohol, smoking may be handicapped child. Fiber foods, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables to eat.Keep in mind if you are just like urine and stool. Heavy exercise should be light, but can not be done. Work should not be bent. Be careful walking over. But as we all know, they just do not play. But be aware of the child's thinking about the future.


 Pregnant mother's blood to be tested, before delivery to the blood system. As well as some blood tests to check for any congenital disease in which the child to be exposed to that rule. TORCHES TEST important. Many do not know that syphilis can be congenital way. AIDS and may be congenital. Pregnant mothers should be vaccinated for tetanus. ANTENATAL must be at least 13 visits to the child's physical condition and to determine the status of the mother. The doctor saw the baby's head and body structure will be sure to Caesar, or Normal, which would be a good option.

Some of the danger signs during pregnancy

 1. Bleeding,2. Headache / eye appear blurred,3. Wrench would be more than 4 hours,4. Fever,5. Decreased movement of the baby,6. Swelling of the legs and7. Vomiting.If any one of these, and will immediately turn to the doctor.


 I can only give birth to a healthy baby healthy environment. During the reading of religious books, beautiful children dream is reality beautiful, healthy baby can be born. It is now scientifically proven that the heart of the relationship the child has with his mother. Therefore, the mother must have joy, to support her family.Finally, I must mention one, the mother of the child's first school, the teacher and the first close. Anyone who is a child of the mother's body to be healthy, so be careful.

Only 1 out of every 8 cardamom eating habits will keep away annoying health problems

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When you sit down to eat the cardamom becomes the face of the earth, many of taste. I've been thinking that what is required is not food cardamom? But if you really must use this spice in cooking. Taste and smell the cooking of the increase in arrivals. In addition to cooking, but you know what you are playing, it is understood that you will take away 10 health problems? Many people may not know it. But only 1 day without eating habits do not see cardamom, will solve the problems of different kinds.

1) cardamom and ginger akin. Many bowel problems, like ginger and cardamom to release a lot of digestive problems. Gastritis, nausea, stomach cramps, cardamom face day to get rid of acidity.

2) to remove the body of harmful toxins, no pair of arrivals. Helps clean the body of harmful toxins arrivals diuretic components.

3) Many people are having problems raktanalite to the accumulation of blood. This is a great attribute the problem to thin the blood, arrivals from the release. Cardamom is playing the correct concentration of blood every day.

4) The arrivals are able to reduce the problem of high blood pressure diuretic components. Remove excess fluid in the body helps to control the problem cardamom hypertension.

5) the odor is too much? Stay tuned to suck on a cardamom. Cardamom mouth odor-causing bacteria in the mouth to destroy the odor away.

6) regular habit of eating bad breath, as well as cardamom infection of the gums, mouth, teeth and gums, including boil protects you from many problems.

7) The study found that regular eating habits cardamom helps prevent cancer. Cardamom tied to the formation of cancer cells in the body is also provided.

8) to read the signs of skin ages arrivals of antioxidant components. Cardamom is quite helpful in fulfilling skin damage.

Source: Health Digest