Itchy patches, or go down to the heel means cold feet. In particular, the foot down a little with age the skin becomes thick, then burst tendency leads to the heel. This means spending the whole winter, and once cracked heel pain unbearable.
Pheteche heel or patches, but nothing has been unable to heal? It does not receive any food or expensive pedicure? If this works out for a little while at night. Just like magic feet and will recover only a few days. Not much, only 30 minutes is sufficient.

What to do  ------

Take usna hot water. The salt, glycerin, lemon juice and rose water and mix. Sit back and dip your feet in this mixture for 10 to 15 minutes. Then a clinker or stones dhundhulera piumisa ankle gently peel or smudge.Then in a very ripe banana to catake smooth. Leave the paste on for 10 to 15 minutes on foot. Crack in the heavy smoke.Then in the first leg washed with warm water and remove it.Ebara glycerin, lemon juice and rose water with one teaspoon each of butter ankle better. Wear a pair of socks and sleep wear.Take a warm water foot dhune sakale. Wash any good mayesacaraijara or glycerin mix.Ekadina fully recovered until after the foot.

Heal cracked heel magic of the night like a small task

Benjamin recently graduated. By the end of kalejajibana back home. Once the father's friend Mr. involved. Mrs. Robinson with Robinson. Their relationship was hidden from everyone. In the meantime, he was involved in love with Robinson's daughter eleinera. But his relationship with Mrs. Benjamin is hidden. Alain matter if you know their relationship broke down. Benjamin tries to get eleinake.The story of "The Graduate" movie. Benjamin was born in 1937 and today; "The Graduate," Dustin Lee Hoffman film hero. Today is his 79th birthday.Dustin Lee Hoffman was born in 1937 in Los Angeles, California. His father was a supervisor prapasa Columbia Pictures. Hoffman was a stage, TV, film actor and director. From the age of 19, he became involved with performance art. California, pyasedena Play House Theatre began his abhinayajibana.In 1967, "The Graduate," Hoffman caught the attention of the public. The image of America and Canada to earn the highest ranked two in the photo to the right. Hoffman was not the so-called hero. It was known as an actor of exceptional character. "Cremer Cremer Versus" and "Rain Man" twice with Academy Award (Best Actor) won. He 'FH' acting 'Theatre of the World "and" Drama Desk Award receive him "The Graduate" film helps. After this film, and he never looked back. He then gave a series of successful films.Among his notable films, "Midnight Cowboy," "Little Big Man, '' Straw Dogs', 'pyapiyana', 'Rain Man', 'Hutu' and so on. In 01 'Quartet', the first film was directed. In addition, 008 of the "Kung Fu Panda" gave voice to animated films.

In addition to the Oscar awards, he received many awards and honors. In 1999, he eephaai Life Achievement Award "is given. Receive Kennedy Center Honors award in 2012. Biography and aiemadibi based on.

Happy birthday, Dustin Hoffman!

Most people are born with beautiful skin and hair. But all sorts of unwanted hair is damaged and karanetbaka. But there are ways to limit the damage. There are nine of this article. According to a report by NDTV.

1. Rugged, oily and mixed skin

If your skin is coarse, oily and mixed, then you can use this method. The baraphayita butter and a little sugar mixed messages to the skin. The message light on the skin of orange in half. At the end of the ice, wash the skin with cold water.

2. For dry and tired skin 

Pepe skin with a piece of the message. Then ota, honey and Scrub skin with cold milk. At the end of ice cold milk and washed with water to remove the skin.

3. Curly hair problems

Take two pieces of lemon and two cups of water and chips. Heat water on the stove until the half. When the liquid in a spray bottle filled with cool and hair spray.4. Nice for the back
 Many of the rough skin on the back of the neck blouse to wear to the problem. Body Scrub This could be a suitable solution. Just half a cup of salt to one cup of olive oil to blend with. Syandalauda five drops of oil and mix well. Take back your skin, rub it well. After a few minutes, remove with a wet towel.

5. Swelling and dark circles under your eyes

Many eyes were swollen and black spots. Put chamomile tea bags in the refrigerator can be used to remove it. The bottom half of the cucumber eye of the bag, leave it for 10 minutes, then wipe clean.

6. Instant Face Lift 

Wash the face with ice cold water. You can also wash away a piece of the ice. Take it and do not break an egg and then smeared in the face and wait until dry. Once dry, rinse with cold water.

7. Hair Care 

Can not find the time to attend the hair well? There is no reason to worry. Amla powder and brush your hair and put Tyalakama Sprinkled throughout the hair from the bottom of the well to acariye.

7 Domestic Beauty Tips for beautiful skin and hair