Come winter, the color black is always going to look not just becoming dirty and dull. When you see a little note, and a bright cold day in the face of a difficult job fair. Some important tips to know. Calalei compliance rules will be a little lighter and brighter your skin this winter.

1) look dirty and black to show the first day of winter, because of the wrong food. Especially those with oily skin, they look more like black. Choose a cream that is easy to understand his own crazy face merges with the sticky feeling and are not made. Additional oily food makhe caught vacuum environment, can be damaged as a result of beauty in the face. To the accumulation of dirt on the skin looks black.

2) kosatao winter season, more than the accumulation of dead skin. Therefore, the rules scrubbing 3 times a week. However, a mixture of coffee and sugar mixed with a little lemon juice can be used as a scrubber. Coffee skin shine.

3) The color of the skin after a day in order to highlight the use of fresh tomatoes. Take out all of a tomato pulp, mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and a little fuller use neck-to-face. Throughout the winter will be sparkling skin.

4) before going out in the sun, use an umbrella. No matter how sweet willy skin to feel cold, but actually harmful as the summer sun. At the same time not too much hot water bath. The beauty and the natural color of your skin, lose both.

5) Another nice element to this winter may be lighter skin soft and ripe papaya. Catake of ripe papaya with honey, raw milk mixed with a little turmeric and apply the face-neck. When dry wash. You can do it once a week, the skin will be gorgeous.

6) The use of heating during the winter phesaoyasa change. Please select more mailada phesaoyasa. Alkaline and soap to make additional phesaoyasa black.

7) with plenty of water and eat vegetables. Are you surprised? There is no surprise. In winter, we simply reduce the amount of water we drink, the skin loses the natural brightness. And just as winter is not available in any season vegetables and fruits keeps you healthy and beautiful.

8) Clean your mouth with warm water in winter light. Tulaya pure rose water applied twice a day to clean the mouth. The skin becomes soft and fair.

9) the whole body, including the face before bath of olive oil and massage well. Then wait 30 minutes, the skin time to absorb the oil. Then remove the bath recovered. At the same time there will be glittering skin, fair.

An easy way to lighten and brighten winter skin

Let us assume that a good way to keep yourself in this winter

1. Get out of the cold hand of winter many of us do not take a bath for a living. It's just not right. But it takes more to make a bath in winter. So, as far as possible to take a bath.

2. As far as possible in the morning to take a shower in the bath.

3. It is better to take a shower with cold water. However, if the light is too much trouble are you to take the water down parenagarama thandatake Please do not use water.

4. Tepid water to wash hands, face and feet can be used.

5. Drinking water intake at night or in the morning when it's warm or light the water thandatake are you can take a break.

6. If you feel more at home on the stove in a pot of water in the winter can be imposed, it will warm your home vapors.

7. If you must go out of the ear-cover.

8. Use Vaseline glycerin or lips.

9. They are those who have itchy feet after bathing or clinker can rub your feet with Vaseline or glycerin can sleep at night time leg.

10. If lips cracked lips can prevent dew in the morning, but it will get the most benefit.

11. Do not wake up too late (because at night the temperature decreases).

12. Use socks and sandals hatahatira during the home leg.

13. When you go to after work out sneakers or loafers.

14. Warm hands and feet before going to bed at night, you can sec.

15. Stay away from clothes to dry on the stove.

Let us assume that a good way to keep yourself in this winter

Bakera moisturizer protect the unique beauty. There are many brands on the market and the budget moisturizer. As well as dry skin, oily skin needs moisturizer. Better to use a different moisturizer day and night. In the different components of the cream is made for the night, the whole night, which provides nutrition and skin creams vary depending on the program. Day Cream Night Cream is usually of the more expensive, so many people do not use a separate night creams on the market or being sensitive to many of the traditional chemical-based skin prasadhanike're getting afraid. I'll be happy to know that spending money on big and chemicals can give a thumb to show extra care of your skin during the night. How? Let us assume that.


Kathabadama 10
Dudha or rose water
Takadai 1 cup
-1 Tablespoon honey
-1 Teaspoon orange juice
-4-5 Grain saffron
-1 Pm vitamin C tablets
-1 Pm vitamin E capsules
Sangrahaka pot


1. Almond milk or rose water soak into the whole night.

2. The next morning badamaguloke blendare blend or choose hail Pataya Bethe, will be a very fine paste. 

3. When the almond paste japharanerao create.

4. Now clean the rest of the ingredients in a bowl, such as cheese, honey, lemon juice and mix the paste.

5. Then, take vitamin C and vitamin E capsules and tablets, the powder leakage from the oil eject.

6. Mix all the ingredients well and keep implies that you want to collect containers. 

7. The first bottle in the refrigerator for 4 hours and then the normal dip Keep refrigerated.

8. Wash your face every night to clean the mouth of the well and use it to create your own night cream.

Two weeks of continuous use, you will see the results in compliance with the rules. Your skin will be bright, smooth, flexible, and diptimaya speckless sun burns and skin will fall in love himself. There is no side effects of any kind are to be made of natural materials.

Create your own fairness Night Cream

Rannagharei your fingertips-all in herbal makeup. You can use these to guarantee long-term good of the skin.
The beauty goods packed in our luminous skin that guarantees many of us once we see the test. The twelve o'clock, the skin on our face. We often forget tbakerai bright skin facade actually healthy.
Tbakai healthy skin can only guarantee of long-lasting shine, not the outer skin. The outer part of our skin fairness cream market is working. These chemical components ultimately hurt the skin. We like the makeup of the herbal or alternative herbal ingredients are the chemicals they use and why! Herbal makeup done for the needs of all your hand-in rannagharei.
Using these things guarantee you will get a long-term good of the skin. Here are 15 tips that you can easily create a being.

15 Herbal Beauty Tips

1. Grape
In many cases, normal skin, reducing the brightness of the skin and lighten the mood tends to be dark. The external coating layer of dirt on the skin and dark mood is caused by a ray of sunshine. The grape juice is very beneficial to the skin lighter. Lightly rub the face with a few grapes. Grape bete can put the face without creating phesapyaka.

2. Cucumber juice, glycerin and rose water and cucumber juice.
Cucumber juice will be mixed like a small amount of glycerin and rose water into the sun's ultra-violet ray skin burn. Cucumber juice, glycerin and rose water mixture is beneficial for the skin sunburn. Before going to the sun and back home they will be mixed together makhale bright skin.

3. Sandalwood, turmeric and milk, sandalwood
The impression of age, depression, indifference, lack of wind natural light skin, reduces skin refreshment. Spraying powder and milk mixed with sandalwood paste and a little yellow. Wait a few minutes and put the paste. This combination of fresh and beautiful skin quite effective.

4. Skim milk and honey
Sarera milk mixed with honey on the skin Apply to the skin soft and bright. This combination of a lot of skin in the winter, you will be relaxed.

5. Milk, salt and lemon juice
Fold skin fold in a variety of roles during the daily dust and dirt adhere to the outer insulating layer of grime pore volumes of tissues / cells are deposited. Enter oxygen to the skin, can not. Mix in milk, a pinch of salt and lemon juice. This mixture will help keep your skin clean pore.

6. Tomato juice
External dust, dirt, sun, heat, and neglect of the skin due to decreased expression of the normal smooth skin becomes coarse. Tomato juice is very effective to make the skin soft. Tomato juice, lemon juice mixed with regular grids on the skin will get better results.

7. Turmeric powder, wheat and sesame
Persona non grata in many different parts of the skin or hair is anakaksita. Sbababita destroy the beauty of the face. Turmeric powder, wheat flour and sesame oil to make a paste by mixing together the butter. Keep away unwanted hair from your skin with this mixture.

8. Cabbage juice and honey
Everyone has a time to grow old, and with age the skin is caused by a variety of wrinkles. Cabbage juice mixed with honey and apply on the skin. This mixture is very beneficial to get rid of wrinkles.

9. Carrot
If the lack of oxygen to the skin brightness decreases. Jamale oxygen can not enter into the dirt on the skin. Anne carrot juice in the face of natural brightness. The skin will be fresh carrot juice and regular grids to increase brightness.

10. Honey and cinnamon
Diets, dirt and dust, anxiety, mental stress, insomnia, smoking, drugs and excessive sleep medicines are falling in the face of acne. Honey and cinnamon powder mixed with one part of three quarters Make a paste. Apply the paste on acne. Leave overnight and wash the next day. This paste will remove your acne and acne scarring.

11. Nuts and lemon juice
The mechanical environment, there is a lack of adequate amount of natural air. The result is the creation of brana and blackheads. Peanut oil and lemon juice and apply to face. This mixture will remove blackheads and acne and keep the skin fresh and beautiful.

12. Ross ayalobherara
In the absence of an adequate amount of water on the skin reduces the skin vitality. Water is required to maintain healthy skin. Ayalobherara grids juice stains the skin is removed. Ayalobherara juice resurface the skin complexion by removing water shortages.

13. Butter and glycerin
Many of the body to maintain the skin moisturizer using polish. Chemicals associated with the market and sold commercially, but sometimes the opposite effect of packet-Jacques. Glisarinera moisturizer ghee and mix well. Try it instead of chemical mayescaraijarera. See the difference for yourself.

14. Fuller's earth, neem leaves, tulasipata, rose petals and rose water
Fuller's earth, rose petals, neem leaf powder, tulsi leaf powder mixed with a little rose water or lemon paste did not create. If you use it regularly, the skin will be healthy and bright.

15. Apricots and yogurt
When skin cells, skin irregularities and loss in life becomes suska. Make a paste by mixing apricots and yogurt. This enhances the brightness of the skin and keeps the skin healthy. If your skin is dry then mixed with honey and apply to face.

Herbal Beauty Tips for brighter skin!

Everyone wants to keep the old. But what age can you hold? Sooner or later, age will increase. And with age is bound to have the appearance of natural his mark. Under eye wrinkles, wrinkle lines, skin hanging from the traces of these signs of age. However, the early appearance of many ages, and the impression is that the impression can not hide how much is used for anti-aging cosmetics. Whether or not you use this benefit, but your skin well have suffered the side effects, which can be seen on the skin problem. So, today, in some way natural to assume that the old impression away.

1) Pack cucumber
Sasate silica, a material that helps prevent skin to skin hanging. 3 teaspoon of cucumber paste, 1 teaspoon egg white, lemon juice teaspoon, teaspoon mint leaf juice, enough to create a pack with apple paste. Apply the face pack. 0 minutes after the wash with cold water.

2) milk and cocoa powder
Two tablespoons of cocoa powder and milk mixed with 1 tablespoon of paste to create. Well and apply to face. Wait 5-10 minutes for drying. Once dry, rinse with cold water. Milk and cocoa powders will pack the skin smooth and bright skin to eliminate wrinkles.

3) Pack Collar
There are some elements which banana is the impression of age. A medium-sized banana paste, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon of cream in a pack. Pack in the face, neck and apply it well. Once dry, rinse your mouth with water after 30 minutes.

4) Pack potato
1 potato paste, paste the table teaspoon apple create a pack. Neck pack well, and apply to face. When dry wash your face with cold water. This pack gives the skin a natural glow is bright and dull skin.

5) eggs and honey pack
Two tablespoons egg white, 1 teaspoon of honey mixed with the pack. Apply the face pack 0 minutes wait for drying. When dry, warm drink and wash with makha. Essential to the flavor of the egg a few drops of oil can be used.

6) papaya and yogurt
Two tablespoons of papaya paste and mixed with two tablespoons of sour yogurt to make a paste. 0 minutes and wash off with cold water. Papaya remove dead skin cells remain.

7) oatmeal and honey pack
Mix equal amount of honey oatmeal emba. The best way to put it than 0 minutes. Once dry, rinse your mouth with warm water.

Ages seven witch delete impression phesapyaka

Whose hair went up because today, this report is going to be bald. Now comes the news that garlic juice hair grows bald head! What is it really? Check.

According to media reports, the garlic juice to reduce hair falls. Not only that, the head of garlic juice infection of the skin and removes dandruff. Not only so, garlic juice helps to grow new hair. According to experts, just like oil, garlic juice and put it in the hair and scalp. The new hair grows much faster in your head. Elysian because there is plenty of garlic juice. It increases circulation of blood hemoglobin that helps to grow new hair. Copper is also plenty of racing, the copper makes the hair thick and healthy. How to use hair garlic juice.

How about that hair can be used garlic juice of three steps mentioned.

First, create a paste of garlic juice to take out. You can store the wine in an air-tight container. This can be used as hair oil, garlic juice. They are dry hair, hair half hour soak in water rose water. Because rose water helps to keep the hair moisturizer. Garlic juice and apply it on the hair and scalp better now.

Thus, for at least half an hour after planting garlic juice on the day. The condition of the hair with a comb to scratch. Now, with very warm water and wash hair. Apply shampoo and hair well. Now wash the hair with water. After just 15 minutes of conditioning the hair and wash it with cold water.

How many times do you use
 Hair growth-Beauty Tips

Experts, whose hair falls over, at least two days a week they use garlic juice. Grow new hair on your head will be launched within a month.


Experts said, if the wound is on your scalp, it is better to not use the garlic juice. Because it has the potential to increase the use of the wound.

Garlic juice hair growth bald head!

How do we do that way for weight loss. This does not mean, however, that these are only due to be obese. We have a beautiful body shape and try to do this kind. Because no matter what happens the better for having a beautiful body shape and stay healthy is very important. Therefore, more effective weight loss initiative to tell you today, in some magical way. Herbal spice fenugreek seeds as well known to all of us. But the common fenugreek can play a great deterrent to your weight. How? Did you know for example, water-soaked fenugreek playing khaba quick weight loss? Let's assume that 5 is a great way to lose weight using fenugreek.

Fried methibija

This is an excellent way to lose weight is to eat not for any other medicine. Low heat, fry it up in a pan with some methibija graindare powder to powder. Then mixed with warm water in the morning on an empty stomach to eat, and the powder to the methibijera tarakariteo can use for weight loss.

Methibija water bhijiye

Drinking water is helpful to reduce the weight of the wetting methibija. Playing because it gives you the satisfaction of food. As a result, felt less hunger and decreases the craving to eat more. As a result of the rapid weight loss. One way you can eat more. 1 cup methibija soaking in water overnight. Then strain the soaking water every morning on an empty stomach are the methibija to eat.

Germinated methibija

Methibije revealed high levels of carotenoids, vitamin A, B, C and E, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, amino acids, minerals and digestion is much more. Methibija in a bowl and cover it with a thin cloth soaked in water with 3 nights with heavy things like this on the left, and the seeds germinate methibija habetarapara will be able to eat.

Methibijera tea

This tea with two excellent methibijera helps to reduce weight and control diabetes. In addition, digestion and blood pressure niyantranerao good job karesamanya habeekati pot with water and boil water to make a paste with some methibija it will give the paste. And if you want some herbal spices such as ginger and cinnamon can be. 5 minutes to boil, then cover pot with lid. This tea per day on an empty stomach to eat.

Methibija tea and honey

No body to get in shape and lose weight madhumisrita methibijera tea is excellent. Methibija graindare powder to be. The powder with cold water to the boil and thus should be kept for 3 hours. Cheke the water with honey and lemon juice, and then add. This tea every morning to eat more to get better results.Using these five methibija approach is effective slimming. Why, then, starting from the day they go to reach your target weight.

Using fenugreek know 5 great strategies to reduce weight

Fruits and vegetables, the nutrient reservoir. To reduce ojana throughout the majority of the fruit and vegetable diets. But there are some fruits and vegetables, which may increase rather than reduce weight without diets! Know something about fruits and vegetables.

Sweet potato

 It is quite fun to eat sweet potatoes. But it was funny that there's plenty of calories! One cup contains 49 calories per Mash the sweet alute. One cup contains 212 calories and mash common alute. Alute starcai present the main cause of so many calories. But, as one cup of spinach or spinach sabujapatara letuse kyalarirao is less than 0.

Vegetable juice

 Many people get the nutrition of vegetables or vegetable juice blended drinks. But the truth is that it is adding more sugar and salt. That means taking extra sodium. So before buying vegetable juice is better to read the writing on the ingredients.

Dried fruits

 Dried fruits as much as possible by removing moisture from the fruit is made. This means that it is adding extra calories. One cup has about 500 calories kisamise dry.

Tropical fruit

 Delicious tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple of course, but compared to other fruits contain high levels of calories as a result. They eat limited quantities. Instead, you can eat apples. It would take less calories, and high fibers will be accepted.


 Avocado is the fruit of our country is not too high in calories and fat, but avocados are basically well-known reasons. As a result, there are 384 calories in a cup of avocados kucano. But there are plenty of nutritious ingredients, so do not exclude completely from the diet. Instead, eat a limited amount.

Reduce the weight of the fruits and vegetables should be avoided

A lack of awareness or lack of time, many people could not keep an eye on body weight was fat. But there comes another body of excess weight is too common, but it is a concern to health sacetanadera. They became restless little weight. Then one of two kg weight loss diet you've been wrong so often that it is not more fat makes him sick. So this is the right approach for health sacetanadera diet plan, and that just 7 days. Let's do not know planati diet--

First day:

The first day is the most important day in your diet plan. The first day is the only meal of the day. Eat as much as at any time of the day. However, apart from a fruit, but it is the arts. You can eat any fruit except bananas on the first day. The stomach is filled up too. And of course, drink at least 8-1 glasses of water. But keep in mind, if you really want to execute this plan, however, is nothing else to eat, and note that the stomach is never empty. When hunger comes to mind when you eat fruits and of course do not forget to drink water.

Second day:

Just as the 1st day of food eaten, so the second day eat only vegetables. Or in any way passed in cooking, you can eat raw vegetables of your choice. However, do not use oil to cook the course of time. Uddesyatai vegetables to lose weight will be in vain if you use oil. So, do not use oil or semi-cooked according to your own choice Khan passed in cooking. You can eat vegetables carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, bean, etc. However, if you want to keep the potatoes in the food eaten at any time of the day during the morning Khan. Because the amount of carbohydrates in the morning, boiled potatoes plays alute will burn the whole day to work and do not accumulate fat. And of course, you like to eat vegetables during the day to drink 8-1 glasses of water do not forget. And all day long, for so many leafy vegetables than other days this may take a day to go to the toilet more. However, the digestive system becomes clear.

Third Day:

Diet plan is the 3rd day of vegetables and fruit a day. This is one of the vegetables and fruits you can still eat your fill. However, bananas and potatoes dropped from the list of the day's dishes will. Almost always hungry, eat fruit or vegetables, and drink of the day 8-1 glasses of water.

Fourth day:

This will be just the banana and milk to eat throughout the day. Nothing can not eat bananas and milk. These days, however, is the exception that you can not eat Be yourself. 8-10 glasses of milk each day for more than 3 bananas and can not eat. Many may think that this may take days, maybe hungry. The ideas are wrong, at the end of the day, you will notice that the number of these foods have stayed all day. However, this is limited to the arts and to share in the milk properly, and how much to eat at any time of the day. Put a banana and a glass of milk in the morning and midday meal before or in the morning at around 11-1 can eat two bananas. Eat two bananas and a glass of milk in the afternoon. In the afternoon, they can eat bananas for breakfast at 3 in accordance with the requirement. And the rest of the night, a glass of milk and eat two bananas. According to these rules the day when the share of milk and bananas do not feel hungry at all.

Fifth day:

On the first day of the diet you can eat rice. However, it is more than just rice and one cup. I suppose the day will be 6-7 large-sized tomatoes 5th day of the diet. These days, however, there is likely to increase the amount of uric acid in the body, so must be at least 1215 glasses of water to drink.

Sixth day:

Once again, this 6th day of the vegetable diet to diet. Vegetables to eat as much as you can during the day, but do not cook with oil. And in the afternoon with a cup of vegetable you can eat bhatao. Of course do not forget to drink 8-1 glasses of water a day.

Seventh day:

Diet plan at the end of a cup of rice a day, all day, and you can eat any vegetables. You can customize this day, however, with the bonus of being able to eat any of the fruit jusao. In particular, grapefruit, melon, orange juice and more to eat these fruits.

7. At the end of the day, at least 4-5 kg ​​of your body weight is kamabei, along with vegetables, fruits, these will be nutritious meal facial brightness. There are those who plan to attend and participate in the program is very effective for those who want to portray himself nicely. By following this diet plan will improve your digestive system. But one thing to keep in mind, continuously for more than 7 days do not follow this diet, if necessary, start again with 15 or 0-day gap.

Spend seven days to reduce weight

Well, some very simple strategies to reduce weight, however, is how? I'm very surprised to hear it? As a result, there is some work to do on a regular basis, which will reduce your weight a lot. This works much calories you'll receive signals in your brain, which do not eat any food to eat. Which is bound to increase your weight. These small changes in your body hormones that are in your weight loss. Some simple and effective techniques to learn.

1. Wear regular jeans

Tightening your abdominal fat does not wear regular jeans. One study found that people who wear jeans all day, and those who've walked the quarter-mile, the equivalent of their weight loss. You may sbacchandyabodha wear tight jeans, but tight jinsai This helps to reduce your weight.

2. The red-colored fruit Khan

The green color of the fruit red colored fruit Khan instead. Watermelon, red grapes, red apples, tomatoes, cherry, strawberry, and red colored fruits and eating habits. As a result, there ayanathosayanina red color, which is tied to the accumulation of abdominal fat.

3. Calorie breakfast

01 Tel Aviv University Medical Center study found that people who eat breakfast in the morning, almost 37 pounds heavier weight decreases, the low-calorie diet to them.

4. Take the smell of the fruit

A study has proven Fresh fruits such as bananas, apples, pears, etc., reduces the desire to eat more of your scent. It has even stopped to take unhealthy foods. This strategy does not take any food will help your weight loss.

5. Hand in fist

When you sit down to eat, then take mustibodha hand tight. It has been shown that people who kept at least 30 seconds mustibodha hand, they can easily control their intake.

6. Minimize food plate

You can take all your favorite foods, but eat small plates refuse. Choose a small plate of food to eat.Drink coffee 7blyakaBlack coffee contains zero calories, 80 calories coffee mixed with milk. If you regularly drink black coffee a year, up to 14 pounds of weight loss can be!

8. Hot chocolate milk

Hot chocolate milk can help you lose a lot of weight. It has plenty of calcium and vitamin D. And high levels of protein in your protein needs are met. It also helps to cut the fat in the body.

This work helps to reduce weight. There is no need for exercise or diet too.

8 weight loss strategy is very easy to remove!

If you do not want to use makeup women acne skin irritation. It also flourishes because of acne. If the makeup acne condition becomes worse. But this is no longer a problem. Take a look at tips for makeup to cover acne is very effective now.

1) Many of the acne on the skin very easily. They do not use makeup or non-kamodojenika can use non-ayakanijenika products. As a result, the skin does not stop acne romakupa pora or decreases fear.

2) use less makeup of powder. Instead, choose a water-based liquid makeup. Liquid Foundation and as blasa.

3) Do not use a heavy foundation type. Use a very light foundation instead. It works better than tinteda mayescaraijaragulo.

4) Products that are waxed, or stick, pancake, powder foundations should be avoided because of the increased likelihood of acne.

5) regularly clean your makeup brushes and sponges. They change every few days karatao good. Because if you do not clean your skin bacteria and takes these extra makeup. As a result, skin irritation, acne can be fatal.

6) Tap the hands of the makeup. When grease makeup faster or more will damage the skin. The skin is the less the better hand.

7) Do not let dry skin than ever. If the skin is dry, it will produce extra oil and acne will increase even more. Throughout the day, the skin stays moist for days at the beginning of light, use a moisturizer.

8) Oil Free Primer can be used before makeup. It will absorb the excess oil from the skin and makeup all day hold.

9) You can use the matte makeup to cover acne. Using glossy makeup acne is more acute flourishes. Matte makeup easily covers them.

10) If possible, use makeup are natural materials. These will help to keep skin healthy.

11) helps to reduce the incidence of acne in some foundation. If these syalisailika acid. If possible, use them.

12) if it is better to use the mekaape daimethikona human skin. Because it helps cover acne.

A dozen tips about makeup acne problem

Beauty is not only skin color is based on. First of all, beauty is not only external beauty is only complete when it is mental. Therefore, on the basis of skin color should never measured beauty.Secondly, when skin color is black, but in most cases we simtakoi nose. We do not take special care about black skin. As a rule, though, if you care, but the black skin that may become more attractive than lighter skin.So take a look at how black skin care nebena

1) All odds are stacked in your skin is naniyamita to attend. Many of our skin plays an important role. But in most cases the skin was busy at the time the focus is on our hands. The skin is beautiful only when it is clear, clean and take care of that.

2) the course of each day to keep the skin clean cleansing, and moisturizing needs to be tonim.

3) Not only tbakei fair, the sun had gone out to all the tbakei sunscreen is applied.

4) The product should be used in accordance with the nature of the skin. For example, the product can be used for dry skin, the skin will not be the same thing ayeli.

5) The black skin should never wear bright colored clothing. It looks more and more black. Matte finish, a lot of people like to dress in black skin.

How to increase the beauty of your skin black or same color? Check!

Weather, dust and hair fall is increasing day by day due to the negligence of indifference-but not in the same proportion gajacche hair. Due to the density of hair has started to ease. Thick, black eyes and long hair is no longer falling. If you want to increase the density of hair does not need to be too much trouble. 7 secret tips are very simple to learn.

1. Aloe gel 

Aloe Aloe Vera juice is especially helpful to grow hair. Aloe vera gel from the leaves of the gel applied directly to the scalp 1 hour of the day. Then wash the hair. Regular use will help hair grow.

2. Shampoo carelessly

Understand your hair type, use shampoo. Several major brands of shampoo that can be used when there is no such word. Use shampoo that will suit your hair. Otherwise, increase the amount of hair fall.

3. 1 day myrobalan

Very effective for hair myrobalan a meal. It helps to strengthen hair structure. Myrobalan Cultivate the habit of eating at least 1 day.4. Get regular oil massageAt least 3 days a week to do your hair in hot oil massage. If necessary, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, sesame oil, amanda ayelagulora can use any of the 3 mixed in a bottle.

5. Stay away from chemicals 

Hair color, to be annotated, to be straight with chemicals, the use of hair gel, spray, etc. geyara chemicals such close for about two months. Let hair grow naturally.

6. Anxiety and stress-free stay 

Stress and anxiety due to the hormonal balance in the body, which varies due to excess hair can be seen. Therefore, refrain from taking additional stress.

7. Build proper eating habits 

Vitamins B, C, E, zinc, iron, copper-rich foods diet Keep. Increase protein levels. The hair will be stronger and will help new hair to grow faster.

Thin to thick hair quickly 7 Secret Tips

Means marriage winter season. At the same time, you're going to sit on it, I got married. But just days before her wedding day, or mouth was filled up acne. Does not want to sit in the middle of winter, no skin or makeup. What is the problem? Take a few moments to learn to solve problems.1) Acne ProblemsLet's face full of acne Acne May, the day of the wedding does not look good at all. To fix this problem, some can act quickly.

- If there is a wedding the previous day to reduce the face of acne, acne is just putting on a cotton bud can give no ayakani cream. Please note that all night. If you can not hand it to the toothpaste, oil or Aloe Vera gel mixed with water and the trees may leave overnight. You'll see in the morning a lot of acne is reduced.

- With honey can be washed after an hour or so. Similarly, egg white can. Green tea is made from tea to cool it, acne can put on.

- If the wedding is in the morning, in the face of acne it will reduce more quickly. You can use ice pack on the acne. If you do this three times per hour lalacebhaba acne and swelling can be reduced.

2) dry skin

Dry, skin, makeup caracare not sit easily, and sat for a long time is not right. Scrub well with any of the facial skin before makeup to make eksaphaliyeta.

3) Do not experiment new

Many people are worried about it before marriage. Look like myself, this is something many people thought that he had never before purchased Several major cosmetic did not use. Klinajara such, the use of a skin treatment cream, or actually harm than benefit more habarai hambhabana. Why not use some of the new products are using your normal makeup.

4) Do not make the wedding just before facial

In this sense applies to the use of new products. This sudden change purchase facial skin may hurt rather than benefit. If you've got a regular facial facial karanota good. Phesiyale rush on your skin or acne, and skin rash may be worse than the previous show.

5) Beware

It's a lot of stress on the left biyesadira. Many of these stresei skin becomes worse. If you are prone to acne, if you know the stress due to the already wary. Do not do anything that may damage the skin. Beneficial for the skin and eat too much salt, sugar, spicy foods, and stay away from bhajapora. Darmatalajistera can take advice.

Take note of these tips to keep skin wedding day