2008 'to Big Boss' Shilpa Shetty were present. Some of the dance was a judge at the competition. The role of a TV series can be seen at the abhinayasilpike.A source close to Shilpa Shetty, "Twenty-two episodes of the program will be 0. Anil Kapoor acted in TV series (Movies) like.

"Mumbaikendrika Production House, the program is suitable for Shilpa. Source says, "It will be made up of real-life events and inspirational story." She, however, he is busy with projects related to the brand promotion and fitness.Shilpa Shetty Shilpa said when contacted in this regard, we have no problem to a series of stages of his career.

However, long-acting utterly unwilling to Shilpa Daily sope. He said, "I respect the TV actors devotion. But I do not have enough time to do the daily series. TV requires a lot of time and energy. "Hindustan Times

Shilpa TV?

"Fear Factor: What khataro Khiladi 'Akshay Kumar to perform the name of a television program. Now, he decided, he would be more interested in the movies. TV program or not.On the small screen, starring Akshay clear up questions about his plans, he said, 'No, I just want to concentrate on the film. "Numerous blockbuster film actor calculation is a little different. He wanted to film in six years, but the picture was not more than three or four. It takes 40 to 45 days to make a picture. And he made four pictures of the 230 days of the year was spent shooting. And the rest of the family want to."During the current trend estimate rose to the picture." He hopes, that time will come very soon.To compete with the immortal heroes of the year, 180 films are made in the industry, where everyone has equal opportunities. The challenge there is no question. "Akshay Kumar, Rustam film is a blend of four or five stories have been told of the incident. The film will be released on August 1, starring Akshay Kumar. The Indian Express.

Akshay movies you want to pay attention, not the small screen

As a reward to the first Indian actress Deepika Padukone is about to break out of the 10 million milestone. Deepika Sanjay Bhansali's film is one of the more than 1 crore. Bhansali three years ago that the first film did Deepika, 1 times more than this year's wage!

"What rasalila Goleo: Ram Lila 'Deepika in the film was one million rupees. "Bajirao mastanite reach that number to seven million rupees. Now Deepika Padmavati film is Rs 1 crore 65 lakh. This is the first Bollywood actress to receive such payment.

Deepika and Bhansali's production company said the deal leaked an e-mail. Mumbai Mirror has claimed that, on June 13, the e-mail has been sent to Deepika Deepika in the film will get Rs 11 crore. Income tax will be paid from the company's production. Of its income exceeds Rs 1 million and a half that number. Deepika is just 'OK' to write or reply to it. The answer is small compared to the large sums that are profoundly alone!

This year, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Akshay kumarara moved up the list of the richest global stars for the first time. It also, how increasing income Bollywood stars. "Triple X" series of big-budget Hollywood films such as enrollment that Deepika will soon come up with this list, what do you say! TOI.

Deepika record fees!