Red herbs sourcing some great health

Surely everyone knows red spinach. How delicious to eat the red herbs that maybe you do not know what kind of hidden sbasthyaguna. Many people love to eat and others do not like red and green. But the health of our bodies is much more important to maintain the red herbs.

Fried red, green, or red vegetable soup with small fish Who does not love to eat. Those who did not eat red vegetables before eating once they choose without knowing the direction of recovery of the body if the party thinks about sbasthyaguna eat red spinach.

The body to prevent anemia

To prevent anemia, red amaranth very beneficial to the body because it contains large amounts of iron have. You can eat with spinach juice and make red. Some common ingredients such as eggs, honey, lemon juice and red vegetables mixed together to create a paste, then mixed with water and then blending it eat a little. You should eat once a day to get good results.

To remove kidney problems

To keep the kidneys and kidney functions like red amaranth very well kept clean. Whose women also gave birth to the child as soon as they are very effective for the red and green.

Good eyesight

Red herbs and plenty of vitamin C, which is very beneficial for the growth of the eye sight. Keep the vision to increase the energy of red spinach diet menu.

Hair roots strong

Spinach is good for the health of red hair. Make a paste by mixing red, green and salt together, then save cheke rasati hair root juice with a bit of oil in the wash. This juice will be able to use the hair 3 times a week. To strengthen the hair roots and gives hair mineral and nutrients.

As fever cure

We know that vegetables like red body health. But a lot of the benefits of fever treated red herbs. Eat fried spinach every day you see a red fever fever will be reduced gradually.

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