There is none of us know about the deadly disease of cancer. The vaccine is not made until today to prevent disease than to eliminate it. Many of the world in order to prevent cancer, according to research it is said to be two types of preventive measures. First of all, and secondly diet, exercise.The study found there are certain dishes cancer resistance times. And the cancer can be prevented through some spices. If the daily diet and regular exercise to keep away from cancer.Let's take a look at the daily diet by adding spices that are beneficial to yourself and your family from cancer can save.


The king of spices, turmeric, because almost all foods in our country, this item is used. Many of the diseases of the yellow ausadhao. Curcumin polyphenols, which are yellow urethral cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, brain tumors, cancer and leukemia to prevent pyanakriyeta particularly effective.


Photo niutriyentasa and full of antioxidants helps prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body cumin. This is to prevent cancer brddhikari enajaimaguloke.


Krosetina acid which is known as natural syarotenayeda japharane daikarboksi. This especially helps to eliminate krosetina early-stage cancer. Although it is one of the world's most expensive masalagulora, but your body will use very small amounts of cancer-free this japharanera.


Half teaspoon cinnamon powder daily eating habits you will be forever free of the risk of cancer. Iron, kyalasiyame fastener of this spice in the body to prevent tumor growth and prevent cancer. Cinnamon 1 cup of morning tea and cinnamon powder, adding a little cooking you can stay safely


As a topping on pizza and pasta aregeno choice of many. In addition to the spice will be no risk of cancer. Aregenora anti-microbial material to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.


The ginger freed from common diseases. Many people do not know, but it could save us from cancer. Ginger reduces the level of cholesterol in our body, helps digestion and helps to destroy cancer cells. Keep increasing the use of ginger cancer-free cooking.


Cloves, garlic, fenugreek, mustard, basil, rosemary, fresh lemon, vinegar, spices, etc., are within the skill of cancer prevention.

Spices are beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer

Many people can not eat spicy food at all, and does not eat the food too spicy. Each of the different kinds of mouth is the normal. Those who eat too much spicy food spicy hot do not eat, they saw some people who were quite surprised. In fact, those who eat too much, but quite profitable. What do you think? Unquestionably, then, spicy food is pretty good for health. It takes more than a little surprised to hear some spicy diet, they get rid of the problem

1) weight loss solder feed

Going to try to lose weight too? If you work in one place is a little spicy foods diet. Pepper, spicy food, which is the main source of studies of the compound, which is called kyapaseisina tharmojenika the body responsible for the effect. Tharmojenika effect to the body, especially in the loss of calories.

2) cancer

The study found the pepper and sour dishes compound kyapaseisinera magical power to destroy cancer cells in the body. There are also more common cough and cold resistance capacity of stroke

3) keeps the heart healthy

Kardiobhyaskulara spicy food helps to keep away the problem. Spicy food helps the body to remove bad cholesterol, it is heart healthy. There are also kyapaseisinera ayantiinaphlemetari material, which helps to stop inflammation

4) Reduce High Blood Pressure

Spicy foods and hot pepper study helps to make the blood vessels more flexible veins and reduces high blood pressure disturbance.

5) puts you in control anger

Who simply can not keep anger under control, they can try to remove too angry to eat. The study found that spicy food can increase the levels of sereteninera love our body is produced in the brain. After some time it becomes so angry.

5 Reasons to eat a little sour, that's good for your health