Tell thick black long hair Who does not like? However, to facilitate the work of modernity and yet many people do not want to think long hair is looking forward to the waist long locks of hair. Beauty comes first describes the growth of the women's long hair. But the adverse weather reduced hair growth is due to the negligence and indifference. Many people with hair loss due to the thinning of the hair does not dare to keep. The problem of rapid hair growth in unusual today to learn more effective methods by which the two are able to quickly and with long hair, which will help to grow new hair.

1) the use of Aloe vera

Since ancient times, the makeup of Aloe vera gel has been used in various parts. Aloe leaf gel is particularly effective for hair. Aloe jail to accelerate the growth of hair in a natural material, and that helps to grow new hair.

- Cut the fresh gel of Aloe vera fresh page eject.

- The root of the hair gel, rub it on the scalp by applying well.
- 0-30 minutes and wash the hair as well.
- 3 times a week to use the Aloe gel.
- To get faster results with Aloe vera, vitamin E capsules to break the prison every day and can drink Aloe vera juice can be mixed. Very good results.

2) the method of massage oil blend

There is no alternative to oil to keep the hair health. Renowned as expensive hair products you use and if not, why not hair long and dense hair oil can not. So oil is mandatory to give.

- The equivalent of coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil mixed together to create a bottle filled with the blend of it.

- The use of oil at each oil to massage the mixture on the hair root well. 
- Keep it at least 1 hour hair oil mix. Then wash the hair. This oil is best if the hair can keep the whole night.
- At least two times a week using this method, you will see the results very quickly.

Two quick hair growth in a very effective method,

At the present time there is no end of problems with the hair. The tip of the hair burst anybody's hair, no hair oily rough others. In fact, today's environmental pollution and arbitrary synthetic hair used in cosmetics as the root cause of hair loss. So we do not go to those artificial products to remove hair coarseness will use a herbal pack.

You need to -

• One teaspoon coconut oil
• One teaspoon of castor oil
• One teaspoon glycerin• One teaspoon vinegar
• One teaspoon of shampoo
• A ripe banana 
• One teaspoon of honey

- Mix the above ingredients bhalakare. If necessary, you can blend. 

- Then the mixture is applied to hair and leave for one hour.
- The shampoo and apply conditioner.

If you use it once a week will see the coarseness of hair away hair returned to normal.

Rough hair to normal