The famous kiss in 'Dhoom 2' Do you remember? She joined lips lips Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan. Bachchan on the screen again kiss the bride.

Ranbir Kapoor will be in contrast to the bar. Karan Johar's next film Ae Dil Hai musakila be in such a kiss or which have been struggling for a number of Bachchan family!

Indian media reports, Aishwarya Kapoor in this film, there are quite a few intimate scenes. Aishwarya was asked to remove himself or performing joharake scenes. Karan whether the request can be ascertained only after the release of the film. However, the special
'leap-laka'-Aishwarya uncomfortable because of the scene was filmed the scene in another way.

Laying claim to a large part of the offering, the Bachchan family are all professional actors. Aishwarya does not interfere with the decision no. As a result, a 'leap-laka'-in aisbariyarao was no problem.

Aishwarya-Ranbir intimate scene, embarrassed Bachchan family

I have not seen much in Bollywood. He is now busy with Hollywood. American TV show that starred koyantikaya is known worldwide.

He has starred in Hollywood films. He is known as Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra. He has starred in Hollywood movies beoyace.

There is no word in his lexicon compromise. The profession or personal life. Nowhere do not want to compromise at all. At times, she said one of her latent desires.

She wants to be the mother of many children!

Priyanka words, Stereotypes Professional Life I do not want to play. Remember me as a first-rate actress I want visitors. So I have a latent desire. I want to be the mother of many children. I do not want to make any compromise with the will.

I want to be a mother, but the father of the children who will be? Priyanka said the question of journalists have been ashamed, I'm still looking for the right man. That is very important.

Priyanka wants to be the mother of many children!

Is there anything that can not Rajinikanth! I do not think. Bhilenake bullet before he ran over to one of the film or of the total income.

Garayani broke all records at the box office two weeks in his new movie 'kabali. In the meantime, the film earned over Rs 650 crore.

As a result, the number one country in terms of collection now kabali. You know how much money was payment for such films Night of the Self?

It is not clear, but there is a producer that number to 35 million. Whoa, whoa, the story does not end here. There's more!

The 35 kotitei thalaibha did not stop. A large portion of the profits at the box office kabalira or her pocket. That's more like 45 million.

Over Rs 650 crore, "kabalira" income!

The secret is going to be built a new feature film "Murder on the Orient Express. Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie, but it can not be seen. However, rumors have spread that the film will work.
Agatha Christie's novel "Murder on the Orient Express" to create a film director Kenneth branaga. He will play the role of director erakula poyarora itself. The film was made in 1974 for the first time the story of the famous American director Sydney lumen.

Theron Theron will act in a new film. It also has been trying to add several renowned film director abhinayasilpike.Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express' novel was published in 1934. NDTV

There is no mystery story in the film, Jolie

"When melatei lips, then Bapu's participants do not match. 'Producers Farhan Akter was agreed Actress Shraddha Kapoor. His new film "Rock On tu for this actress already has two singing voices. It was decided that all of a sudden, the two songs will not run, even to him to sing a song.Chabisanslista sources said, had pledged to respect the voices of the two songs Kapoor. The sudden decision, will add one more song. Him to sing as well. He is the image of the lips and play the song. 

There is too much time to be decided at the last moment. At any time to enter the studio respect. Preparation is underway.Respect the last film of the bagi-Farhan Akter were seen also highly appreciated. According to sources, the song Farhan request has respect for his film. Celebrity Vocal Coach Samantha Edwards at the start of the training, he said. Priyanka Chopra trained voice to the coach. However, these did not want to comment on or pharahanadera one respect. Mid-Day

Sing another song

Simran, Anjali, Johnny, Mandira, Kathy remember the names? He was known as the silver screen. Under the new partnership with the King Khan of Bollywood romantic atmosphere made.It was started in 199, "bekhudi with the. They diverged. Then he started bijayaratha. 'Baazigar', 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge', 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum' and 'Fanaa', made with Bollywood's seat. He Kajol. Today is his birthday. On this day in 1974, the Bollywood star was born.Kajol was born in Mumbai in Maharashtra state. With a very short time with the family from the movie, he became involved with the film. His mother and father of actress Tanuja Mukherjee Mukherjee somu.Mail could not hold himself first film 'Baazigar' with pictures of landmarks own race. He did not look back. One after another, gave the picture commercially. SRK-Kajol pair have still instill in the hearts of visitors. The talented actress has received six Filmfare Awards. Received the Padma Shri awards.Kajol has won the hearts of audiences in numerous films. He returned again to offer some pictures, which were later found some success. Today the remains to be returned to the location of the move.

Do not alabida kehena film Kabhi 'eye' Rani Mukherjee played. Director Karan Johar, Kajol was the first choice.
Karisma Kapoor in the film Dil To Pagal Hai received the National Award. Karisma's character was supposed to be thicker.
Three Idiots Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is the only film in the history of causing a surprise. Kareena's character was supposed to be thicker.
Finally, the film, but the film go to his cousin Kajol Rani Mukherjee.
He was the role played by Manisha Koirala Kajol was the director's first choice.


Kajal five different birthday

Salman Khan will be seen together kyatarinake! In fact, not on the screen. According to sources, the Middle East jibanadharabhittika brand's advertising splasa shooting them will be seen together.Mickey jagatiyanira brand in the United Arab amiratabhittika Indian businessman. According to brand advertising, Kabir Khan's' stripelighting shooting for Salman will be shooting in Ladakh before advertising. Salman and Katrina together starred in five films. But together they do not have any ads.

"Salman and Katrina together in Kabir Khan's film was humming. Last month, the news was false sallura and Cat fans are very frustrated. Deepika Padukone role in the film-makers to hear officially, but has not yet announced the name of the heroine.However, later on in the film, Salman and Katrina Raj Kumar santosira acting murmur is heard.Ranbir and Katrina's boyfriend at the beginning of the year with a four-year relationship ended in Kanpur. Since the value of the host-actress Yulia Romania go into a relationship with India. Mid-Day

Salman, Katrina together!

B-Town stars Shraddha Kapoor is busy. At the same time he is working. The constantly in touch with friends, which he never did in life behind.He went on to observe friend tribute, this time took him back to skulajibane. Respect said, 'This is my childhood memories and friendships at school reminds me.

"Tribute, six of his childhood friend. He grew up with them. Paribarikabhabeo relationship with them. Shooting for a long time, but he kept in touch with friends. Respect the important thing is to keep in touch with friends.

Anyone of his work, no matter how busy, no matter what, it does not matter. When the mind is like a meal with family and friends.Respect said, "Sometimes that is not enough. But we have to try and make up for each other by sending text messages on the phone. But I always keep in touch with my loved ones. I'm shooting for at least a day, but they send text messages.

Shraddha Kapoor friendship

Robi Robi is, the light is always keen. The Comet rush comes, again, was lost. Robi margata many stars or star status but does not want to pay. They want to speak to him dhumaketui.

Jupiter is now Robi margata. The Legend of Tarzan after the suicide squad has a great discussion. Many people envy the fire burn susamaye. For this reason, there are detractors face off. "Robi suddenly appeared 'because they are about. And therein khepechena the Australian actress.

Ravi said, "Many people think you like an overnight star. But next year is going to be my career for 10 years. At the beginning, I've made a career, you've spent it all behind to learn acting and dialogue. "But the company really played in 007 first. That year, his two bhijilenta the ICU were much appreciated. IANS.

Ravi is not Comet