Garlic is one of the great national spice of penicillin. We are using this as a spice and vegetable daily in a variety of spices. Many of the properties but we do not know how levels. If you'll be surprised to know that the garlic does not have diseases that humans do not act as an antidote.

The US National Library of Medicine, National inastitiutasa of Health website, "medalaina Plus' said Colon numerous people in the world, rektala, stomach, breast, prostate, bladder and lung cancer using garlic.

Garlic is rich in minerals and spice. To some, it is more than the amount of minerals known as mini-stores. It has plenty of carbohydrates, protein, phosphorus, aluminum, calcium, riboflavin, copper, manganese, chlorine, selenium, zinc and vitamin C '.It is nice antibiotics, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-viral as which keeps us away from various diseases.

1. Preventive Control and Prevention

 Rasune the vitamin C that is to say specifically. Because this vitamin acts as an antidote for scurvy and disease resistant. At the same time, it keeps vascular flexible.2. circulation support
 Rasune 'ayajoina called contains a chemical substance. This substance helps circulation. As well as to prevent blood coagulation. To reduce the role of cholesterol in the blood.

3. Hormone secretion

 Rasune different hormones in the sulfur emissions that help our body.

4. Problems hrdarogajanita

 Hrdajanita very effective in a variety of medicinal problems. Clinical, it reduces high blood pressure.

5. Destroy bacteria

 Rasune the 'ayalisina "material role in wound repair. Moreover, substance tuberculosis, dysentery, typhoid bacillus, etc. destroyed.

6. Cold cuts

Cold, throat, or on the go galabyatha, headaches, can also include arthritis, asthma, bronchitis problems simply do not have the problem of playing chew garlic.

7. Keeps diabetes under control

 This is beneficial for dayabetikader
a garlic flavoring. It keeps the blood sugar control of diabetes reduced.

8. Remove digestive problems

 Liver disease resistance increases and the Medicinal digestive problems. The role of allergy known to heal.

9. Diarrhea under control

 Many scientists think the spicy food poisoning prevention.

10. Creating healthy sperm in men

 According to the World Health Organization, less than 0 million sperm per milliliter of sperm, if any man can be infertile. Bad eating habits, smoking, alcohol, uncontrolled life, exercises, etc., due to the reluctance of barrenness is increasing day by day. The special garlic flavoring. For the production of healthy sperm load matching pair of garlic.

Garlic cure 10 diseases

Many sugarcane is a consequence of the choice. However, most of the fruit peel is a little hard to get used to rasatai consequence. Peel sugarcane sugarcane juice sold in the streets, however, want to eat better, but still do not want to hurt anyone. Aankhen heat than other bottled water drink to satisfy thirst, many have been rasatakei. But not only fills testai sugarcane juice. 1 glass of sugarcane juice to drink only about 7 deadly habit to keep away from physical problems.

1) remove liver problems 

Bilurubinera habit of drinking sugarcane juice restrains the body works and liver health. For this reason, as long jaundice and Ayurvedic medicine are introduced sugarcane juice to drink.

2) prevent problems with digestion 

Sugarcane juice contains plenty of potassium. The potassium, which acts as agent ayantimaikrobiyala helps digestion and eliminate the problem of digestion.

3) keeps diabetes under control 

Many people may think rich in natural sugar cane juice is not healthy for patients with diabetes. But this idea is completely wrong. Low-glycemic index than sugar cane juice dayebetisa for patients with diabetes, which is very healthy in contrast to any other artificial sugar.

4) Prevent Cancer 

A study published in the Journal of phaitokemistrite sugarcane juice to prevent the spread and growth of cancer cells in the body phlebhonasa particularly effective. Sugarcane juice, antioxidants may help prevent prostate and breast cancer.

5) vacuum to remove water 

Dehydration is a common problem in the summer, which brings diseases. Calcium, potassium, iron and vacuum myanganija rich sugarcane juice and water to remove ilektolaita particularly effective.

6) remove kidney problems 

Ayalkalaina sugarcane juice, which is a natural antibiotic that acts as an agent and helps to ensure the soundness of the kidney. Aankhen juice consumption habits also face the problem of burning and urine tract infection prevention.

7) teeth and prevent gum problems 

Sugarcane juice, which acts as a natural antibiotic ayalkalaina tooth decay or gum helps prevent infection. Sugarcane juice is especially helpful to remove the odor in the mouth.

Some important things to remember 

1) Roadside sugarcane juice is not good for health because it contains the germ, you do not drink sugar cane juice eating habits will get the same result, or at home, make sugarcane juice.2) additional risk for the health of sugarcane juice to drink. 1 glass of sugarcane a day rasai enough, or will increase your weight and blood glucose of patients with diabetes will increase.

7 serious physical problems, 1 glass of sugarcane juice

Who does not want to stay young forever? But the natural way people can not long retain her youth. With age, the body and the mind is to move away from the youth. And when it comes to age naturally in the body takes place in the mind of aging. The old man becomes mentally and physically. But note 7 to the food that you eat your body and mind for a long time can keep youth. The food you body and mind, which will help to reduce the 10-year.

1. Orange
A single orange a day can give back to youth. This will not only refresh the imprint of the body to create vitamin C as well as vitamin C will help your skin to increase further. As a result, the body and you will feel quite young.

2. broccoli
Half cup of broccoli a day like expanding the scope of your body and your physical function ayanarjike helps accelerate. 3-day supply of vitamin C in broccoli is capable of. There is also salaphoraphena brokalite nutritious detaksiphikesane helps the liver and contains some elements which may help prevent cancer in your body makes. As a result, you can keep youth in body and mind for a long time.

3. Low-fat yogurt
Find a variety of low-fat yogurt sbasthyaguna exist. The calcium and phosphorus helps to create the tooth enamel which will help make your Hussey pranojjbala much more. Eating low-fat yogurt also helps to prevent the skin shriveled unusual.

4. Black pepper
Golamaricee are plenty of anti-oxidants. It puts in motion the body's natural function, protect the body from the sun's harmful rays and supportive role in cancer prevention.

5. Berry fruit
Nourishing the body, such as the number of all types of fruit berry cranberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberries, raspberries. The BlackBerry is the most nutritious for the body because it contains large amounts of anti-oxidants. As a result of the berry contains plenty of vitamin C, which is quite effective for the skin.

6. Sweet potato
There are many different types of material, which is sweet alute quite effective for our body. There are plenty of anti-oxidants as well as the pain reliever contains two lots. As a result of a variety of body pain is reduced. In addition, it contains vitamins A, C and E in the skin and hair beauty provides a variety of nutrients increases.

7. Carrot
Carrot contains beta-carotene is plenty of new skin cells to grow sahayatai just does not work as well as anti-oxidant is. Anti-oxidant skin quite helpful to reduce the role of the skin. As a result, the 10-year-old will be reduced.

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If you want to reduce your body and mind, which is 10 years of age eat

Clove spice as the only thing we know, just like many of you do not know about the quality of assorted. However, the market is filled with imitations of our country with cloves. The essence of cloves gunahina khosatuku only as spices are sold in the market nowadays, which is not beneficial for you at all. The cloves are some ways to recognize, at the same time this is a great advantage and use the cloves. Let's assume that magical quality of the spices.

1) tooth pain? Keep the affected area and mauled several labam, that will relieve tooth pain. When you see the target, the majority of claims remain tuthapestai cloves. This is exactly why!

2) knee, back or joint pains any bones? Take several cloves. Tyler mild heat to the pan. Tyler said the labangake kapure bound to create a truss. Truss foment the affected area with hot these days. The pain can be reduced.

3) to reduce nausea crushed clove mixed with honey to taste. Find comfort.

4) The common cold or asthma, sinus problems, etc; A few cups of tea a day playing cloves to alleviate the disease. The water will create enhanced clove tea, ginger tea made the right way.

5) The intense head pain? A few drops of clove oil on the forehead with a cloth or tissue Keep. 15 minutes and remove. Reduce headache.

6) To remove odor in the mouth peerless cloves. Your breath will be some tough cibalei fresh.

7) Do you feel intense stress and anxiety? Try to eat a piece of sucking up the cloves into the mouth. You can drink like cloves. Will be breezy mood.

8) to compare cloves to remove acne. Fresh clove powder mixed with a little honey Keep on acne. Acne will go away.

9) the use of clove oil, oil mixed with your regular use will reduce hair fall and hair density will increase.

10) Pregnant mothers can suck the cloves in the morning to relieve nausea. If you feel a little better, not only in the face of cloves can be mixed with molasses. Many will be relieved in the

The magic uses 10 cloves

Nowadays, many people do not eat eggs. No fear of weight gain, the amount of fat in the blood of some low, some fear hrdarogake. But it really enhances the egg? But these days, doctors said the opposite. They said, an egg for breakfast in the morning until about 3 pound weight could reduce! Let us, then let's get to know the advantages of an egg 12, the day that you eat eggs!

1) a lap full of vitamins thousands of eggs. Vitamin B-12, which were eating the food into energy helps to power.

2) in the vitamin. Which improves sight. Kerotinayeda egg, lyutena and jiyeksenathina adolescence reduces the risk of eye diseases myakulara dijenaresana. This is the same material that helps reduce cataract.

3) Vitamin D is the only dimei. Which helps reduce muscle pain.

4) vitamin E. It generates free radicals in the skin cells and destroys. And skin cancer prevention.

5) The egg is the greatest attribute it helps to reduce weight. This means that an egg for breakfast every day, your appetite will be less, eat less. The study found about 400 calories a day can reduce the body in the morning to eat an egg. That's about three pounds of weight a month. According to the survey, 65% of the body weight, body fat 16%, 34% could reduce the amount of fat around the frozen eggs!

6) The eggs are iron, zinc, phosphorus. Menastruyesanera anemia occurs for a long time. Soon tired body. The iron in the egg could easily meet the shortage. Zinc boosts the body's immune system or immune system. The phosphorus to strengthen bones and teeth.

7) Every woman's body is at least 50 grams of protein daily needs. An egg contains 6.5 grams of protein or calories 70-85. So you can drink egg every day to stay alive.

8) A Harvard University study showed that 003 ayadolesana 6 eggs a week later period, or approximately 44% of breast cancer can be prevented regular plays. With that said, do not allow egg heart and blood clotting. As a result, there is much less risk of stroke or heart attack.

9) a further important element in keeping the body healthy coli. Many times when kolainera deficit cardiovascular, liver or neurological disease may occur dija-order. An egg contains about 300 micrograms coli. The cardiovascular system, nervous system, liver and the brain puts you in control.

10) has a new study, the eggs do not increase cholesterol. Two eggs a day does not affect any of the body's lipid profile. Creates hemoglobin in the blood, rather than eggs.

11) protein in the body structure. Amino acids and proteins, helping to create. Twenty-type amino acid is required for this purpose. But the nine essential amino acids our body can not make. For us to take protein supplements. This protein is the egg in a food supplement. Instant protein, which the body can produce.

12) to nail down the accelerator? Hair health is totally worn out? Close your eyes and go to eat eggs every day. The sulfur in the egg magic that will improve the quality of the nails, and hair.

Eating eggs every day that will benefit 12

Like the idea of ​​conventional raw vegetables have nutrients than cooked vegetables. But some researchers have proved this idea wrong. Modern researchers believe that there are some vegetables cooked in the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients to hold more. Let us assume that the names of some of these vegetables.

1. Carrot

 Boil the carrots with a little amount of water and salt. If you want to give some pepper. This boiled carrots is good for the eyes.

2. Potato

 Many favorite potato a vegetable. But weight loss is to remove as many of the favorite vegetables. When the potatoes are cooked, can reduce the calories. So those who want to lose weight, they can eat potatoes.

3. Bit

 Blood circulation increases the bit body. To fix the problem a bit menstrual plays an important role. Experts say, should be cooked a bit just three minutes, not more.

4. Beans

 The amount of boiled beans mixed with a little salt and pepper can make it very beneficial for patients with diabetes. According to experts, the beans should be boiled for at least six minutes.

5. Broccoli

 A significant increase in flavor when cooked broccoli. If you want to eat broccoli in boiling water for just a little olive oil salade days. This will increase the taste of broccoli.

6. Indian spinach

 According to the researchers, if the latter is better cooked green leafy vegetables can be harvested. Among them, fenugreek and Indian spinach boiled over when the material is healthy.

7. Sweet corn

 Nutrition plays a lot of boiled sweet corn increased. These nutrients and fiber, which works to prevent constipation.

8. Sweet potato

 Eat boiled sweet potatoes are good for health. There are a lot of carbohydrates, which can increase the value realized.

9. Cauliflower

 More beneficial to eat boiled cauliflower. It's essential nutrients and vitamins is stored.

10. Cabbage

 This is even more delicious when boiled cabbage. It's the perfect Stew is a smell, which can be used to enhance food flavor.

When vegetables are boiled in 10 essential nutrients increases manifold

Could be the start of a sudden sore throat. The pain can be so intense that eat up a lot of time to stop. This is always going to the doctor with a sore throat is not possible. What to do then? Nature has the solution. How about neck pain can be reduced by means of domestic assume that the domestic ways.

1. Salt water

 Relieve neck pain since ancient times has been used as a salt water. 1/4 teaspoon salt in 1 cup warm water and mix. Gargle with water 3-4 times a day, if this is the normal flow of blood in the neck pharingala. As a result of the accumulation of mucus came out of the cold, clear voice cast. The conditions of the throat infection. As a result, galabyatha soon be eradicated.

2. Lemon water

 Lebupani much more effective to get rid of neck pain. 1 cup water, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and mix. I gargle with it several times to. This reduces the sore throat throat to remove viruses and bacteria.

3. Yellow Water

 Yellow antioxidant material which is to relieve the pain. 1 cup hot water, 1/2 cacamaca huluda powder and salt and mix cacamaca 1/2. It then gargle with the times. Soon neck pain can be reduced.

4. Clove tea

 3 cloves 1 teaspoon of powder mixed in water. Gargle with it to the neck. The ayantibyaktiriyala and anti inaphlamatari material which reduces neck pain.

5. Ginger, honey lemon water 

1 teaspoons ginger powder / granule, honey, 1/2 cups of hot water, mix two tablespoons of lemon juice. Gargle with water first, then lemon juice, ginger, honey, take a few minutes kalakuci. This will clear your throat with neck pain.

Natural ways to reduce pain in the neck

The banana is a fruit of the familiar. The fruit is available throughout the year. But many of us do not like to eat the fruit. Many people think that fat makes the body tissue. He regularly plays in tissue increases the capacity of digestion. Art in many nutrients the body needs to keep healthy. So every day Put a banana diet, and see the magic. So let's see the benefits of a daily diet of bananas

1. Art is a scaled fruit. This helps to increase the power of digestion. Digestive problems to eat a banana every day.

2. Hemoglobin in the body to insulin and requires a large amount of vitamin B-6. The banana has plenty of vitamin B-6, which is the body nutrition yogiye.

3. Eating 3 bananas per day will help keep your blood pressure under control. Those who suffer from high blood pressure problems, their daily diet to keep bananas, you will have to control your blood pressure.

4. Before you eat two bananas daily exercise. It will just make your blood sugar level and blood sugar control with it.

5. There are plenty of banana iron. As a result, the body's blood on a regular banana vacuum is eliminated.

6. Art helps weight loss. A study art for a long time to fill the stomach is feeling. As a result, there is no other meal taste and interest. Which helps to reduce weight.

7. A study of reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases is fiber foods. Eat bananas every day and stay away from heart disease.

8. Is quite beneficial for the recovery of muscle tissue in the body. Eat it before or after exercise, your muscle tissue will fix the problem and helps to build leg muscles strong.

9. Many people think that we are lemons, and vitamin C kamalatei only. We have found some interesting facts, but vitamin C banana. Apart from the many nutrients found in bananas.

10. There are plenty of banana myagasiyama which helps to dispel sadness. We suffer from depression are a lot of different reasons. Art is much more effective to get rid of the sadness.

11. Art is an increase in body strength. Lots of banana amount of magnesium, vitamin, mineral, which has the power to increase the body's energy level is OK. 1 Keep it for breakfast every day design work throughout the day to give energy.

12. There are plenty of potassium banana, which provides oxygen to the brain is. This helps to keep the amount of water in the body.

1 Keep it away to eat bananas every day, only 12 health problem

Yoga is good for physical and emotional well-being. Yoga teacher Lauren Jacob said that his experience with the Yoga Yoga began to make practical sense, he heard many of them - "Yoga is not for me." We spend our precious time doing work that I feel uncomfortable if he would not like us and they do not always expect quick results in our nature itself. Like so many other things, but yoga is not found soon. I need to know a few things before starting yoga. They are -

1. Any man can do Yoga

 Yoga Yoga According to the sources, the only qualification for being able to focus on your job, or being attentive. Calm the mind and heart fully focused on his work that is. Then you can become a yogi.

2. You will need to be patient

 Iyogakeo long as we need to think like a traveling life, where there is nothing to win or lose. For your own you will need to participate in this practice. I need to practice regularly. In addition, it is possible to benefit.

3. Yoga is not a full stomach

 According to the practice of Yoga Yoga teacher Christine myakagi will take 1 hour before eating. If that is not possible, then to Yoga 0 minutes before 1 pm You can eat bananas. Yoga can be done with the consumption of digestive problems.

4. Just think of all the time that would have started

 Months or even years of practice to be regarded as the launcher itself. Try to remember that it is learning the rules. 500-hour yoga teacher training, and if you had done that you have to remember that you are now and the beginner.

5. Everything damai

Dum Dum and the departure from the first day of class each day full attention. When you take a deep breath and be able to leave immediately, you can experience great feeling. It is the strategy of the Pacific.

Yoga shoes and socks to keep open, keep the mobile Silent, wear comfortable clothing, hand towel to wipe the sweat Place. Yoga If you feel tired when you take a break for a while.

Your Yoga teacher may be difficult to follow. You might think too fast or too slowly teaching. Believes that the process will move forward to the teacher. If a teacher does not resonate with you, then the system will go to another teacher. Yoga will not be able to learn all the procedures. Start with no seat for you to learn how to apply yoga.

5 Things you need to know before you start Yoga

55-year-old man arrived mental power is weak. Do not forget a lot of things. It takes the form of Alzheimer's disease, go to 65. However, the young man that lives inside bayasabhede various strange, ajagubi and folly to the trend. We do a lot of stupid anicchabasatai varying life. I forget a lot of things. Forced out of the house, such as keeping in mind that these glasses! But it is normal, but preventable. The New York Times written by Wael Cornell Medical College Clinical Psychiatry professor Richard phraidamyanera There are several ways in which the current scientific training, we will make our own brain agile. Let's assume that means they do not delay.

1. Brain Game

 How-day newspaper is the play of the intellect. There are also books and magazines written on this subject alone. Make it a regular practice. As a result, your brain becomes animated. Phraidamyanera according to a British study, however, found that, in certain cases, the mental capacity to match the intellectual sense, but such improvements do not increase. (Business Insider)

2. To believe in yourself

 According to Business inasaidarera, low-olds to improve their own faith in their karanotai that creates a feeling that they are a good test of intelligence. And so much of myself believe that anatai forward them to the brain, and can encourage them to do good.

3. Body and mananacarca

 Mind and body exercise, the exercise and yoga can be a good way to make the brain more capable. Yoga has been involved in a lot of lives already. This removes the problem of the human body, it helps to calm your mind right. The scans found that yoga carcakaridera ephaemaaraai yoga affects the structure of the human brain. His attention, memory and performance reinforces (How Stuff Works). Speaking of exercise and bodybuilding snayukosaguloke merakolakama janaya increase, further strengthen their communication and protect them from being destroyed with a maximum capacity of your brain is getting at. Exercise also produces material protects nerves in the brain, increases blood flow to the brain, helps to eliminate inflammation of the brain sorts.

4. Bacteria

 The researchers said that the messy saga at 010 in June to examine a type of bacteria found in the brain iduradera who iduradera increase brain power. And that's the case. However, you do not have to be inside the garbage. Gardening or cleaning of the bacterial body, it is possible to get through.

5. Food and sleep

 Sleep for some time, but the man did not dirghasthayibhabe mental improvement. According to a Harvard University study of the people sleeping inside their brain communication may utilize more than 33 per cent (marakola). Also glukojake brain power to the drive is working properly. However, sometimes the less glucose is produced in the brain. The coconut oil works well as a tonic. Also showed that vitamin D, vitamin B-1, omega-3 fat can be more productive way to your brain!

6. Music and good relations

 Music can calm your brain a lot. A Harvard professor also found that studies like this preoccupation about the human brain works better and faster (Business Insider). Susamparkagulo keeps us so much healthier mental health.

Make your brain more active and lively guide 6,

What do you like to eat Chinese or Continental? These foods are essential components of the onion leaves. 5000 years ago China was the first to produce onion leaves. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians worshiped the Earth as a symbol of onion kandake? Leaves and onion bulb onion delicious and nutritious. It contains high levels of sulfur, which is beneficial for health. The soft tender onion have less calories. It is also called the Spring aniona or green onions. Onion leaves vitamin C, vitamin B-1, and is rich in thiamin. Vitamin A, and vitamin K is kande onion. Also, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, chromium, manganese, and fiber is. This is the source of koyarasetina phlyabhanayedera onion leaves. Let the leaves of the onion health benefits.

1. Heart health benefits

 Anti-oxidant, free radical onion leaf cells is tied to the caller and can prevent DNA damage. Blood pressure, high cholesterol and onion leaves vitamin C, which helps to reduce levels reduces the risk of heart disease. Sulfur is reduced risk of coronary heart disease of onion leaves.

2. Respiratory helps

 Anti-viral and anti-bacterial ingredient onion leaves as the common cold, flu and viral infections have been used as a home remedy. Respiratory mucus out of work, and helps to stimulate the onion leaves.

3. Increased bone density

 High doses of vitamin C and vitamin K onions on the bone, which is necessary for normal functions. Vitamin C works to combine collagen, which strengthens bones. On the other hand vitamin K plays a major role in maintaining bone density.

4. Maintains normal sight

 Luteina and onion leaves for the presence of carotenoids in the eye, the defense jenanthina influence. And the maintenance of normal vision plays an important role in protecting eye health, vitamin A, which is part of the Spring aniona green.

5. Reduces the risk of cancer

 Allyl sulfide sulfur is so green onion reduces the risk of colon cancer. Green onions are phlebhanayeda cancer resistant material.

6. Prevent stomach complications

 Gastro intestainala beneficial role in reducing the problem of green onions. Spring is a powerful natural remedy for diarrhea and stomach complications aniona. Moreover, high levels of leaf and onion taste helps increase fiber digestion.

7. Works against infection

 Onion leaves mineral components of sulfur and vitamin K helps prevent the growth of mold, which helps blood to clot. They also sambahanera blood and improves the body's absorption of vitamin B-1 reduces the stress and fatigue. The collar protects the body from inflammation and loss of vitamin C in the onion leaves.As well as the pages of The Onion, which contain anti-histamine and anti inaphlyametari arthritis and asthma treatment gives better results, helps pity, good for eye disease, skin, and blood sugar levels and reduce help prevent deflationary. Eat onions on a regular basis so as to protect health.

Delicious onion leaves something extraordinary health benefits

Natural hair color and hair is beginning to strengthen pair of henna leaves. Strengthen the hair roots, henna has been used to prevent hair fall. In addition to the hair care Henna can be used to more. Let's learn more about some of the different uses of henna.

1. Preventing foot jbalapora

 Fresh henna leaves vinegar and leave it inside a pair of socks. The overnight stay after the socks on his feet. This will reduce a lot of jbalapora feet.

2. To reduce headache 

 Henna plant flower head helps to eliminate pain. Plant flowers with henna paste and vinegar mix. It is a pain in the forehead, or put it. You can also use the henna paste.

3. Good blow to the mouth

 This can be made with henna, mautaoyasa. Henna leaf powder to mix with water. Make it through the kulakuci. This is a blow to the face and mouth antiseptic as well.

4. Reading to prevent baldness

 Mustard oil with henna leaves a few days firewood. When it is cold, use the scalp. This will prevent baldness.

5. To remove dandruff

 Dandruff hair biggest enemy. This is quite effective henna to remove dandruff. Mustard oil, fenugreek, boiled with henna leaves, use it by adding hair. Take 1 hour after the shampoo. It removes dandruff and make hair beautiful sparkling.

6. Ghamacira to prevent burning

 Henna paste on the back, neck and other parts of the plant prickly heat affected. This will help to reduce ghamacira itching and burning.

7. Prevent arthritis pain

 Arthritis and rheumatic pain to get rid of all the oil henna quite effective. Take the pain the henna oil massage. From one day to two months to get good results.

Health & Beauty practicing henna leaves a very different use 7