Two tigers in one forest can not do, but what a great controversy, wolf-sinhe friendship has seen many times world record. Sometimes the well-being of the Seljuk ruler Genghis Khan, the emperor tugharila speed, sometimes with the Greek hero Achilles, Patroclus. In fact, whether or mythology, brave heroes and dominating the wide hand of friendship to me has always been ahead of their peers. Dosti lion with the tiger.Hollywood action camp was no exception. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone or Van Dam-dalpha landagrenera unique record of friendship with Stallone has been seen not only the screen, the screen outside. Broad shoulders, the roar of muscle force and heavy weapons visible in the Action row has a hero here. Naturally, however, the all-star Arnold Schwarzenegger with another pal Sylvester has always talks. As well as the surgical bed in the same hospital had been injured in shooting sometimes, and sometimes very active in the restaurant business agglutination. A friend of the danger of another friend resisted with his broad chest. California Governor Schwarzenegger arthadatadera was one of the candidates during the election Stallone. Governor Schwarzenegger, Stallone for 005 select committee friend had given 15 thousand dollars. Even styalanera support behind the Republican Party karanatio but his friendship with Schwarzenegger.However, to repay to a friend Arnold Schwarzenegger. Being governor of the state, his contributions to the development of the special reception styalanake friend. Los Angeles, California, due to the extra cost out of the crowd to another unit when the shooting jamacchilena Hollywood directors, with the assistance of the rakira Governor Schwarzenegger Stallone was shooting in the city. This year's Oscar race absolutely "came out in Finnish laina disappointed when reading Stallone, Schwarzenegger and the courage to give a friend came forward. Bashfully took the Oscar committee. Bhidiobartaya one of Hollywood 'Championship mboke' Terminator 'to be cut, "Damn, it's Oscar committee's decision to leave, you're the best friend ... my eyes!" So until the action movie hero here that when a eksapendebalasa Stallone made the' Schwarzenegger appeared on the list but did not take any money sainikadera hired from a friend.However, these two friends, but hostility from the beginning of friendship. Because of the similarities between acting type and style, he started to run as a competitor in the seventies. Schwarzenegger said in an interview: "The competition was fierce among themselves. Who's brawny shoulder-arm, whose body is titanic, who alone how many hit films, was a box-office earnings over the competition went with them. "But there was hate more than each other sraddhatai Stallone said. "I wanted to stay ahead of one another all the time. Thus, each time have become their own rival. That fact has helped us to be successful. This has become our bandhutaya enmity. "But it seems the two isbarapradattai friendship. So, although turning in one year, but at the same masata their birth. Friend's Day just a month before the July.
Vultur, based on the New York Times and the Mirror

Strong friendships

The sky is no longer a distant stars. Hand, tip of the finger. Courtesy of social media stars are much more 'social' becoming. Their sociable nature, but may be hidden behind the commercial accounts. Recently, a research firm said bijnapanabhittika, Selena Gomez stars as one of the posts with five and a half million dollars can earn up!Facebook, Instagram, Twitter-like social media Overall, 18 million more people connected with Selena. I mean, any post Selena reaches millions of people. It can be any product of the campaign. Being alone. So not only update their personal stars, many of the social media dutiyali.But ever wondered, how much you can earn from the post of the communities they? Selena is one of the most popular at the moment might be to post earnings of Bangladeshi currency worth 4 million to 31 million! Not, however, to confirm the amount of the income from the post. The brands depends on their agreement.The social media is the most marketable stars Selena Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, riyana, Beyonce Knowles and Taylor Swift. Cosmopolitan.

A post five and a half million dollars in revenue!

Based on the words of the hero of Bollywood films is going to be the end of the day it seems. B-Town nayikanirbhara picture of trends and ideas that are a result of an increase in their remuneration.Bollywood actresses living in the center of the discussion around the world. They're the main character in the film. Taking away with the award for their acting ability narikendrika paintings.Recently, Deepika Padukone Padmavati discussion about the film is paid Rs 1 crore. Besides Deepika, Priyanka Chopra, Nargis phakharidera Hollywood film acting as the eligibility criteria are numbered.Earlier this year, Sonam Kapoor narikendrika film niraja 'was released. Now he is preparing "Veer-The Wedding 'movie. Kareena Kapoor also played with him, sbara talasaniya sculptor and flame. Meanwhile, Sonakshi Sinha for his action film "Akira" Prepare. Bhatake Alia will be seen with Shah Rukh Khan 'Dear Zindagi' film. Alia will be seen as the most important film. Kangana will be seen alongside ranautake narikendrika film Simran and Queen laksmibai the film.Alia think it's a great time for B-Town actresses. "The character of the film is now being given more importance. Not only is the love story-all picture. No one can imagine that it could, I'll work with Shahrukh Khan, Gauri sindera film. But the thing is, the story added together. "Bollywood experts, this has begun to change Vidya Balan starrer 'The Dirty Picture' and 'Kahaani' pictures. Released last year, the 'Queen', 'Pikoo' and 'tanu oyedasa Manu Returns', this trend has been even more dynamic. And last year, 'Angry Indian gadeja film all the characters were women, which comes to the discussion.Expert Taran Adarsh ​​said, "No one has thought of it that it narikendrika picture, so it is not going to see. If you like the picture, you will have success. We have "Queen", "Pikoo", and "Kahaani" can give an example. "Director Sabbir Khan, today the girls all the men broke stereotypes ideas. Hindustan Times.

Bollywood is growing narikendrika Photo

"What a day that could not recognize myself to wake up?" - The Italian Film Festival giphani a "question-answer" session was the question of a young Hollywood star Jennifer ayanistonake. He replied in a very organized. Jennifer was organized together with the response of the eyes water. Because of the fear of losing the very evident in this actress. Jennifer was crying on stage, the auditorium at the hands of the people, hence there is no finger, every time I've felt that way in life. I have encountered this situation numerous occasions. "For many years has been working with success in this world performance. However, a moment to lose some of these fears are often unsettles him. Think, 'Can I survive? "The actress sometimes despair. After he overcame it.A few days before the "Friends" series, star of his great discussion about the rumors of being pregnant. At that time, the actresses being hotly protested against these rumors, he said. Huffington Post newspaper wrote a column about it pathetic. The storm did not stop the discussion ayanistona-stop 'emotional comments nirapattahinatabisayaka fans really concerns him. Yahoo News.

Jennifer tears

Robi atimanabi maragota really say. Because the known world of his special power. One of the special powers, with Australian actress may not breathing or five minutes in a row!Jimmy Fallon "in a recent episode of The Tonight guest was so maragota Ravi. He will be looking forward to next Friday's release of the film "Suicide in skoyada. Fallon was the guest of the film ranei vaccine.Maragota the occasion of his latent talent, said: "I often" Suicide Squad "sets my body double (dummy) Ingrid game played with a kind of hold your breath. Both may be stuck with the company saw a long breath. At one stage, I was very unhappy breath for five minutes until the end of the game can be trapped. However, a double and a half of my body, leaving me to stop breathing for five minutes was lost. In fact, this whole thing depends on practice. No one will be able to do it without practice. "Asked how he learned of the strange lore maragota Fallon said, "A Free daibharera (Diver) I had four sessions. How to hold his breath under water, it is well known to them. They can hold the breath for a long time. It's a kind of meditation. Mentally and physically it's very effective. "Hello Guinness.

5 minutes without taking a breath!

Once the sexy Hollywood actress Sharon Stone. However, speaking of the actress 'once,' That's not exactly true. The fans still think he made that sensation, and he can not be called old-fashioned at all. Sharon Stone recently in an auction to sell a jeans as it happened. He used a jeans was sold at 4 lakh 31 thousand 660 rupees (around US $ 5 thousand).Recently, Jeans for Refugees called an auction is held online. The auction was held in Dar es Johnny US artists and designers. The Hollywood star of donated jeans. According to organizers, the money will be donated to the auction by selling pants International Committee for Refugees (aisiara) fund.

"Kyatauiki 'name Jeans pants celebrities up for auction on a website set up to sell the pants Sharon Stone. Then there was the singer Pink colored jeans prices, the price rises to Rs two lakh 35 thousand 450 (3 thousand US dollars).Without it, even the Hollywood stars have joined the initiative themselves, they became actors Audrey tatu, Eva Longoria, Emma Watson, benisio del toro, singer Elton John, Lily Allen, Mick Jager, model Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham designer and singer. The online auction began Tuesday. Dar said the online auction will run until October. Pants can be associated with many other stars of the auction. AFP.

Sharon Stone's Jeans price of Rs 4 lakh

Hollywood actors, a lot of hidden stories of friendship, love and romance becomes characharite. But pure friendship between men and women that may be, there's a lot of examples. Let us assume that he is some kind of star-couple 

1. Julia Roberts-Richard Gere 

Surely there pretty omyanake? 5 years ago in the film with Julia Roberts and Richard pair of gears and throw. The film has earned such a reputation, as well as friendly relations between the two stars. However, their relationship could not be heard any rumors or anything reprehensible. Julia, 47, and Richard, now 65 years old and over. They appeared on television three months ago Pretty Woman sang their own unique bandhutberao jayagana of the commemoration. 

2. Kate Winslet-Leonardo dikyaprio

They Titanic Rose and Jack's. The main themes of the film was romansai them commercially. Therefore, it is difficult to convince fans that attracted visitors and the media, they have just played, did not truly love. However, Kate and Leonardo always said that they never step outside baranani friendship. The beautiful relationship they have established for more than 0 years. It will strengthen day by day. 

3. Katie Holmes-Jamie Fox 

The first was how Jamie met with Katie, I do not remember any of it now, but perhaps by Tom Cruise. A charity exhibition after the quadrille was rumored, were in love with the star. However, they have rejected it repeatedly. Various sources told, they met secretly doing. But Katie and Jamie Strong north, it is friendship percent. 

4. Jennifer Lawrence-Bradley Cooper

The American smiled film Silver Linings Playbook and the chemistry between the two stars has been successful. Serena! The film bound pair. However, in reality, they are friends. I told Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley, like his brother. 

5. Jennifer Aniston-Jason Bateman

They have traditional ties of friendship. "Friends," Aniston's name and well-known television programs from before the start of his affection betamyanera. Haribala basesa and the switch worked together in the film. 

6. George Clooney Julia Roberts 

Hollywood's brightest stars have their names. Eleven film osenasa to work together from the time they bring an inseparable friendship. So many women have been close to Clooney, Julia Roberts, but never with the relationship did not go beyond the limits of friendship.

Ashish Acharya, suggest based on Reuters and The Daily Mail

Just friendship