Kyarija tooth pain or tooth decay is one of the reasons. To many insects known as dental disease. Although medical science has no basis. That is the highest of all dental diseases.

The piercing teeth to tooth decay and has become a common problem. Typically child, teenager and adult to be more of the problem can be seen.

Tooth decay is the result of bacterial infection. Frequent eating snacks and drinks, bread stick between the teeth for a long time, and inadequate fluoride, to dry mouth, mouth admit hygiene, nutritional deficiencies and problems of appetite, etc., due to the hole in the teeth and tooth decay is a disease.


Severe tooth pain 

Eating or drinking anything from mild to severe painInfected teeth can be seen in the hole andDentists top white, black or brown spots can be seen.If the infection is not treated at an early stage if the pain gradually increased and could become intolerable, and tooth loss, and may occur. Tooth cavity filling, and cap adorned with the treatment and root canal when the car is in a bad condition. And spent much of the treatment is very painful.Domestic some ways to reduce tooth pain. The way to get to know the samparkeh

1. Turmeric powder

Dentists hole problems are very useful use of turmeric powder. Yellow bacterial dental bacteria infection, which destroyed destructive elements can and can relieve tooth pain, inflammation resistant material. Make a paste of turmeric powder and mixed with water and gently apply to the teeth pain, the pain can be reduced.

2. Onions

Place a slice of onion infected tooth pain can be reduced by pressing the top dentists. Regular consumption of onions reduces the problem of tooth decay. Onion is a regular diet can be beneficial tooth decay problems.

3. Salt

Ayantiseptika salt and anti-bacterial ingredients, which reduce inflammation and pain in the face of the bacterial growth to moderate. 1 glass of warm water and 1 table spoon of salt mixed with 1 minute to keep the focus and the affected teeth.To this day, 3 times a day can reduce pain. 1 table spoon of mustard oil with a little salt or lemon juice to make a paste with the gum massage misiye a few minutes. Take it with warm water and porter. Thus, two times a day for a few days, the bacteria will be destroyed.Also baking soda, Aloe, cloves, garlic, mint, apple cider vinegar, etc., can be reduced by using a bacterial infection and tooth pain. Brush your teeth in the morning and at night before sleeping. Use floss every day to clean the teeth and clean tongue.

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