Let us assume that a good way to keep yourself in this winter

Let us assume that a good way to keep yourself in this winter

1. Get out of the cold hand of winter many of us do not take a bath for a living. It's just not right. But it takes more to make a bath in winter. So, as far as possible to take a bath.

2. As far as possible in the morning to take a shower in the bath.

3. It is better to take a shower with cold water. However, if the light is too much trouble are you to take the water down parenagarama thandatake Please do not use water.

4. Tepid water to wash hands, face and feet can be used.

5. Drinking water intake at night or in the morning when it's warm or light the water thandatake are you can take a break.

6. If you feel more at home on the stove in a pot of water in the winter can be imposed, it will warm your home vapors.

7. If you must go out of the ear-cover.

8. Use Vaseline glycerin or lips.

9. They are those who have itchy feet after bathing or clinker can rub your feet with Vaseline or glycerin can sleep at night time leg.

10. If lips cracked lips can prevent dew in the morning, but it will get the most benefit.

11. Do not wake up too late (because at night the temperature decreases).

12. Use socks and sandals hatahatira during the home leg.

13. When you go to after work out sneakers or loafers.

14. Warm hands and feet before going to bed at night, you can sec.

15. Stay away from clothes to dry on the stove.

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