Hair spa at home

Mild herbal shampoo hair spa at home you need to do, plastic shower cap, hair mask towels, large tooth comb and hair kandisaninyera materials.

Start Hair Spa* When the first little messy hair with shampoo and rinse. Because the hair is clean hair into the hair roots will easily kandisaninyera ingredients.* Keep the head wrapped in a towel. The loss of hair comb wet hair coloring.* Start out tangled hair from the tip. The upper part of the hair from the hair amcarabena not loud.* You can make home-made hair mask. An egg, one tablespoon Caster oil, a lemon juice, one teaspoon to one tablespoon of glycerin or honey and mix well. Skyalpe and hair well and apply the mixture. Then wear a plastic shower cap. Stay an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo and the like.* Four cups of water to boil two tablespoons of lemon juice and mix it with tea leaves. After cooling the mixture to the hair, then shampoo as rinsa use it. Hair will be shiny and clean.

After Spa* Dry hair oil massage at least twice a week.* Wash your hair with the mild shampoo. If you use a natural oil balance shampoo hair more kemikyalasamrddha might be lost.Use conditioner after shampoo * narisim mayescaraijim. You can use a deep conditioning mask once a month.* If you use a hair dryer over the hair becomes more dry.

Benefit* Oil massage increases blood circulation, resulting skyalpe. Hair is soft and smooth. If you have problems or skyalpa skyalpe sensitive to the hair spa. Skyalpera oily hair spa is equally effective in alleviating the problem.* Additional dry hair, brittle hair or hair spa is great for dandruff problems.* Ribandim hair or the color of the water is not good due to bad hair when the hair is good hair spa will return.* Crisis hair spa of hair fall. Stress, hormone changes, too cold or hot, asusthata Whatever the reason, making hair fall, hair spa helps control hair fall.* Hair spa once a week to three. However, not many days after the spores of hair will depend on the type of hair.

When hair spa skipped* Skyalpa often culakale even after shampoo* Tip burst into the rough hair fell* Pakale often tangled hair, the hair fell Shuffle* The stress bhugale* If all of a sudden hair dandruff* If the hair color or chemical treatment.

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