Akshay movies you want to pay attention, not the small screen

"Fear Factor: What khataro Khiladi 'Akshay Kumar to perform the name of a television program. Now, he decided, he would be more interested in the movies. TV program or not.On the small screen, starring Akshay clear up questions about his plans, he said, 'No, I just want to concentrate on the film. "Numerous blockbuster film actor calculation is a little different. He wanted to film in six years, but the picture was not more than three or four. It takes 40 to 45 days to make a picture. And he made four pictures of the 230 days of the year was spent shooting. And the rest of the family want to."During the current trend estimate rose to the picture." He hopes, that time will come very soon.To compete with the immortal heroes of the year, 180 films are made in the industry, where everyone has equal opportunities. The challenge there is no question. "Akshay Kumar, Rustam film is a blend of four or five stories have been told of the incident. The film will be released on August 1, starring Akshay Kumar. The Indian Express.

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