Shilpa TV?

2008 'to Big Boss' Shilpa Shetty were present. Some of the dance was a judge at the competition. The role of a TV series can be seen at the abhinayasilpike.A source close to Shilpa Shetty, "Twenty-two episodes of the program will be 0. Anil Kapoor acted in TV series (Movies) like.

"Mumbaikendrika Production House, the program is suitable for Shilpa. Source says, "It will be made up of real-life events and inspirational story." She, however, he is busy with projects related to the brand promotion and fitness.Shilpa Shetty Shilpa said when contacted in this regard, we have no problem to a series of stages of his career.

However, long-acting utterly unwilling to Shilpa Daily sope. He said, "I respect the TV actors devotion. But I do not have enough time to do the daily series. TV requires a lot of time and energy. "Hindustan Times

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