Special winter lip care tips

Lip skin is more delicate, so winter dryness of the skin of the body weight loss of more than lip skin.

So during the winter, almost all of them suffer from problems lips. Or broken skin on the lips is thin! Bhyajalina leap gel or using the problem is not going to get rid of! In the end, having to take the doctor's advice!

However, dry or chapped lips are often hard to solve the problem, although naturally occurring problems can be solved very easily.

Shivani de Aroma therapist said this.Dry or cracked lips

Wet a clean cloth and rub gently on the lips of sugar if it will be up to the lip of a dead skins. Apply coconut oil as a moisturizer on your lips and get a good result. Moreover, lip care, and half a teaspoon of honey mixed with one teaspoon of olive oil to keep it on your lips before going to bed.

1. To get rid of dry winter with regular leap to the left or Aloe Vaseline petroleum jelly can be used. 

2. 8 to 10 glasses of water to drink every day. This will maintain the moisture of the skin. As a result, a lot of time dihaidresanera 'Dark lipsayera could be a problem | So drink plenty of water to keep the body moist. 

3. Very cold air may be wearing a scarf to protect your skin from the face.

4. Cosmetic use of rich moisturizer to choose lipstick lips.5. Should not wetting your lips with tongues. When the dead skin on the lips, it should once again pulled.Soft pink lips.

Ghoroya some way to beautiful lips are calalei compliance.Shivani Dey said, "Let us first know the simplest way to clean lips. Raw milk and honey should be mixed together. Then a white clean cloth or cotton soaked in the mixture to rub the lips. The lips should be clean, as well as smooth and beautiful. "

The lip skrabiyera methods, he said.One teaspoon of olive oil mixed with a teaspoon of sugar for the domestic Lip Scrub can be made. Put this mixture for 5 to 10 minutes, gently rub the lips with cold water wash. Then put your lips on the left will take the leap. The domestic Lip Scrub dead cells will help clean the lips soft and pink.Way to soften lips

- Catake ripe papaya mixed with milk whey to be a mix. After 15 minutes, wash with cold water and put it on the lips should be. This coating will provide lip malnourished.

- A mixture of equal amounts of lemon juice and honey mixed to create . After waiting an hour and put a good combination of soft lips gently rub with a wet cloth will be up . If you want it more than once a day, and can be used on the day.Before going to bed at night, glycerine.

- In addition to the San Tan black lips more dry lips can be done. Glycerin lips every night before going to sleep well to be affixed . As a result, the moisture content will be fine, and the regular use of the lips, and lip color returned to normal .This method is quite beneficial black lip stain.

- A piece of your lips with a bit of light on the lips to massage . Tan or porabhaba bits juice helps to dispel a few days, and pink lip color will become normal.

- Cucumber juice is very effective to withdraw the black spots. Apply cucumber juice on the lips every few days will reduce kalacebhaba lip.

Very flexible lip skin. Therefore, special care should be taken. Epiepha associated with the use of the left lip leap leap left to use.

Shivani Dey said, "the product should not be used or less expensive leap. It can be black lips and many types of damage may be. Herbal leap for the better use of the left lip. "

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