For healthy nails done 10 peremptory

Healthy and beautiful nails will not only increase the beauty of your hands, it bears byaktitberao. Maybe you can cover the nails neilapalise stylish and colorful. But no compromise for the sake of health does not. So you need to stay healthy to take a little care.Take note, however, be observed in 10 healthy nails.

The proper way to clean your nails, nail cutting Cut with care. Not blades, nail cutting use.Every night before going to sleep kiutikale petroleum jelly or olive oil and rub the nail. The nails will be sparkling and strong.To avoid harmful chemicals in cosmetics too rich. Nail polish and remover of course.Myasaje fingernails hands and feet increases blood supply, it will be your nails healthy and bright.

Please take a balanced diet; In particular, iron, and protein-rich foods and plenty of green leafy vegetables daily diet to keep.Do not wet hands or feet long. The infection can be phangala fingernails. Always keep a dry erase.Leave a habit of cutting nails with his teeth today.Pedicure salon once a month and, if possible, put menikiura.Cooking or any other body in the lemon yellow smudge. You'll see it has become clear once again.White spots on fingernails, do not ignore the problem or any other wave. Must go to the doctor.

Fingernails could be any kind of distortion of the physical signs of problems!Follow these 10 rules for healthy nails. Let your nails healthy, to stay healthy.

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