Rough hair to normal

At the present time there is no end of problems with the hair. The tip of the hair burst anybody's hair, no hair oily rough others. In fact, today's environmental pollution and arbitrary synthetic hair used in cosmetics as the root cause of hair loss. So we do not go to those artificial products to remove hair coarseness will use a herbal pack.

You need to -

• One teaspoon coconut oil
• One teaspoon of castor oil
• One teaspoon glycerin• One teaspoon vinegar
• One teaspoon of shampoo
• A ripe banana 
• One teaspoon of honey

- Mix the above ingredients bhalakare. If necessary, you can blend. 

- Then the mixture is applied to hair and leave for one hour.
- The shampoo and apply conditioner.

If you use it once a week will see the coarseness of hair away hair returned to normal.

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