Garlic juice hair grow bald head!

Whose hair went up because today, this report is going to be bald. Now comes the news that garlic juice hair grow bald head! What is it really? Check.

According to media reports, the garlic juice to reduce hair fall. Not only that, the head of garlic juice infection of the skin and removes dandruff. Not only so, garlic juice helps to grow new hair.According to experts, just like oil, garlic juice and put it in the hair and scalp. The new hair grow much faster in your head. Elisina because there is plenty of garlic juice. It increases circulation of blood hemoglobin that helps to grow new hair. Copper is also plenty of rasune, the copper makes the hair thick and healthy.How to use hair garlic juice.

How about that hair can be used garlic juice of three steps mentioned.

First, create a paste of garlic juice to take out. You can store the wine in an air-tight container. This can be used as hair oil, garlic juice. They are dry hair, hair half hour soak in water rose water. Because rose water helps to keep the hair moisturizer. Garlic juice and apply it on the hair and scalp better now.

Thus, for at least half an hour after planting garlic juice on the day. The condition of the hair with a comb to scratch. Now, with very warm water and wash hair. Apply shampoo and hair well. Now wash the hair with water. After just 15 minutes of conditioning the hair and wash it with cold water.

How many times do you use

Experts, whose hair falls over, at least two days a week they use garlic juice. Grow new hair on your head will be launched within a month.


Experts said, if the wound is on your scalp, it is better to not use the garlic juice. Because it has the potential to increase the use of the wound.

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