Take note of these tips to keep skin wedding day

Means marriage winter season. At the same time, you're going to sit on it, I got married. But just days before her wedding day, or mouth was filled up acne. Does not want to sit in the middle of winter, no skin or makeup. What is the problem? Take a few moments to learn to solve problems.1) Acne ProblemsLet's face full of acne Acne May, the day of the wedding does not look good at all. To fix this problem, some can act quickly.

- If there is a wedding the previous day to reduce the face of acne, acne is just putting on a cotton bud can give no ayakani cream. Please note that all night. If you can not hand it to the toothpaste, oil or Aloe Vera gel mixed with water and the trees may leave overnight. You'll see in the morning a lot of acne is reduced.

- With honey can be washed after an hour or so. Similarly, egg white can. Green tea is made from tea to cool it, acne can put on.

- If the wedding is in the morning, in the face of acne it will reduce more quickly. You can use ice pack on the acne. If you do this three times per hour lalacebhaba acne and swelling can be reduced.

2) dry skin

Dry, skin, makeup caracare not sit easily, and sat for a long time is not right. Scrub well with any of the facial skin before makeup to make eksaphaliyeta.

3) Do not experiment new

Many people are worried about it before marriage. Look like myself, this is something many people thought that he had never before purchased Several major cosmetic did not use. Klinajara such, the use of a skin treatment cream, or actually harm than benefit more habarai hambhabana. Why not use some of the new products are using your normal makeup.

4) Do not make the wedding just before facial

In this sense applies to the use of new products. This sudden change purchase facial skin may hurt rather than benefit. If you've got a regular facial facial karanota good. Phesiyale rush on your skin or acne, and skin rash may be worse than the previous show.

5) Beware

It's a lot of stress on the left biyesadira. Many of these stresei skin becomes worse. If you are prone to acne, if you know the stress due to the already wary. Do not do anything that may damage the skin. Beneficial for the skin and eat too much salt, sugar, spicy foods, and stay away from bhajapora. Darmatalajistera can take advice.

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