Black coffee without sugar 7 times excellent health!

Many people prefer black coffee. Some thought that black coffee is harmful for health. But this idea is wrong. According to experts, at least twice a day for the health of the upakari coffee without sugar. After breakfast in the morning and evening one cup a cup of coffee can be eaten. A cup of coffee is 60% nutrition, 0% and 10% minerals and vitamins have calories. Hrdayantrasaha other parts of the body, which is benefit. However, it must be without sugar Abyasai.

1. Increase retention

Black coffee helps to keep the brain working. As a result, the ability to think, which is significantly higher. It is also active narbhakeo.2. Reduces the risk of diabetesElements of coffee reduces blood sugar and metabolism is increased. Which reduces the risk of diabetes. Regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of diabetes is 7%.

3. To clear the stomach

Coffee drinking is frequent urination. Playing coffee without sugar harmful toxins in the body, the bacteria out of the body with urination. In which the stomach is clear.

4. Weight loss

Black coffee helps to reduce weight. This 50% increase metabolism and the accumulation of abdominal fat to melt.

5. Reduces the risk of cancer 

A study of black coffee 0% and 5% of men and women with cancer is to reduce the risk of cancer. Those who drank four cups of coffee per day can reduce their risk of cancer.

6. Keeps heart healthy 

Black coffee reduces the risk of heart disease by reducing inflammation in the body is. Black coffee without sugar keeps the heart healthy.

7. The happy 

With a cup of black coffee gives you a good mood. Caffeine affects the nerve system that pleases your mind.

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