Silk and thick hair, the easy way

Hibiscus flower hard to see people who have not. Very beautiful flower. If there is a flower garden tree jabara typically associated anyone. So it's a flower available. The mean silky hair, but the hair came from hibiscus? This hibiscus is not picked up a little, because you can bring us a dazzling silk and thick. So the good news? Beautiful flowers Natural Care. Where the benefit is not!

1.10 or more hibiscus
2.Like coconut oil or olive oil

What to do: 
Take flowers crushed in mortars. Then add the oil. Apply the mixture to the tip of the hair from the skin of the head. 0 to 30 minutes, the hair root massage. Then wash it with any shampoo. If herbal shampoo is better, if it suits your hair. This week, two days after the hair will come within a month of extraordinary brightness. Even if someone's hair all the time, even if dull lifeless or resulting from the use of this mixture to the hair silky and dense.Do not forget, if you prefer the text to share.Active on our Facebook page to get regular tips to stay beautiful. 

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