Eating yogurt every day to stay away from health problems that 7

Summer vegetables in a meal is very beneficial. Yogurt is basically another form of dudherai. There is a remarkable nutrient daiyerao milky. This is why yogurt and a variety of health problems particularly effective. In particular, the rules for every 1 cup of yogurt just keeps eating away forever with various physical problems.

1) a physical problem very painful constipation. The lack of water, especially in the month of Ramadan, many of these problems. Yogurt remove lactic constipation. Also regular yogurt consumption reduces the risk of colon cancer.

2) As a result of eating too many spicy oil bhajapora and Indigestion been having problems. Yogurt can eliminate this problem. Yogurt helps in digestion of food pharamenteda enzyme and prevents indigestion.

3) daiye much less fat and junk food is one of the healthiest vegetables, which is particularly helpful in reducing blood cholesterol. Kardiobhyaskulara due to the problems, stroke and vegetables reduces the risk of heart problems.

4) If the kidneys do not work properly, toxins accumulate in the blood is a lot a lot of time. The habit of eating regular yogurt purification of blood that helps to keep blood free of toxins.

5) Yogurt pair of high blood pressure is to remove the problem. The habit of eating yogurt regularly reduces cholesterol and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

6) Many people can not drink milk, so milk is a problem that many lyakatosa intalarensera suddenly do not want to be digested. They can eat yogurt instead of milk and milk anayesei therapy can be compensated.

7) have been trying to lose weight for many. Yogurt is the main tool to lose weight pair. Daiye has much less fat. Yogurt is also in the habit of eating fruit appetize less and lose weight plays a special role.

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