Alluring Kachhi biryani cooking simple recipes

Tongue that moves water from the name alluring Kachhi biryani. Just listen to the name makes you want to eat too. But I want to know the recipe. Do you know what? Today, the decor is simple recipe to cook biryani Kachhi alluring. If you know the recipe.


  1. Version rice - 1 kg
  2. Mutton - two kg
  3. Oil, 250 grams of butter +
  4. A half cup of cheese,
  5. Potatoes - half a kilo,
  6. Onion paste - half a cup,
  7. Beresta onion - one cup,
  8. Ginger paste - two tablespoons,
  9. Garlic paste - two tablespoons,
  10. Postedana paste - one tablespoon,
  11. Cinnamon - 8-10 pieces,
  12. Cardamom - 10-12,
  13. Cloves - 6-7,
  14. Bay leaf - 5-6 seats,
  15. Pepper powder - a quarter of a teaspoon,
  16. Coriander powder - 1 teaspoon,
  17. Cumin - 1 teaspoon,
  18. Chili powder - one teaspoon,
  19. Milk - 2 kapa,
  20. Sugar - 1 tsp or according to taste,
  21. Prunes - 10-12 seats,
  22. Keorajala - 1 table spoon,
  23. Raisins - Be
  24. ,
  25. Chewing tobacco color - little,
  26. And Salt - according to taste.
Way of

First, the oil-butter, chopped onion, and hot spices, spice rub it in half, with the exception of meat paste and powder Keep myarineta one hour.Now put the pot on the stove dividing the third day of oil and butter. Keep up with half of the chopped onion beresta.Berestara mixture of oil and pour a little water myarineta roast meat cook is fantastic.Put the rice was washed with water shed. Boil in a large pan of rice doubled the amount of water. Oil in a bowl and pour the rest of the rest of them and play with hot spices and pour the rice with salt Pour bhajunatarapara garamapanituku it.Boiled rice was perfectly cooked medium does not really keep it off the stove. The two share a large saucepan of rice and meat to three quarters of rice, meat, thus the share of rice and meat spread two or three levels.Spread each layer chilies and caraway. The rest of the top-level stands beresta onion, butter, keorajala, with the lid slightly out of chewing tobacco color and chilies gentle simmer 15-20 minutes, and then serve hot sagging Keep Kachhi Biryani fun.

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