The benefits of eating 10 carrots per day

Vitamin A regular eating? Forget the outside of vitamins. Eat an orange carrot. In addition, Vitamin A carrot can give you many benefits. So it has been called 'strong' food ingredient. Only Vitamin E, which is not available, there are various benefits of carrots. This will give you the gift of beautiful skin with protection from cancer. Let's see what benefits you are getting from a carrot.

1. Do not eat carrots before eating carrots if you start now. Eating carrots will increase because of your eyesight. Beta-carotene into vitamin A, which has the liver to be changed.

2. Those who eat carrots for their cancer risk is low. There falcarinol Carrot and falcarindiol entikansara elements of our body to refill. So playing carrots breast, colon, lung cancer risk is low.

3. Carrots are not only good for the body, so it works for us as anti-aging ingredients. The beta-carotene is that it acts as an antioxidant in our bodies go into our body, which is consumed by the normal metabolism of cells is well. It also helps to slow the speed of aging cells, so that you can retain your youth for more time.

4. Beautiful skin can also eat carrots. It will help make your skin beautiful from the inside. Entioksidenta of vitamin A, and will remove your skin feeling parched. Vitamin A skin fold fall in the unwanted black spots, brana, skin color, etc., to remove asamanjasasata will help you become beautiful.

5. Carrots also works as a good entiseptika. Protects it from infection. When you cut or burn when there's nowhere to put it to chopped boiled carrots or carrot paste. And you will not be asakanka of infection.

6. Carrots also benefit a lot from outside the skin. You can use it as a phesiyalera material.

7. And many other diseases of the heart, it works very well. Kyarotinayedagulo of heart disease medicine works as well. These elements are found in foods such as those who play Carrot uccamatrai much lower heart disease risk.

8. Carrot contains different types of toxins from the body to vitamin A in the liver, and helps to clean up the worst elements. Carrot also helps to remove excess fat from the liver of these elements. Carrot fiber keeps the colon clean and will protect you from constipation.

9. If you want a beautiful and healthy strong teeth? However, now start eating carrots. Carrot keeps clean your teeth and mouth cavity. Plyaka carrot mouth and tooth paste and tooth out of the mouth of the feed material like Brush. Carrot also helps to strengthen teeth minarelagulo much.

10. Therefore, to reduce the risk of stroke is now added to the list of foods and carrots.Carrots became known to many benefits. We do so many things to be a little better. If a food ingredient added to the list of our daily diet can be a little better than their own, then why not do it? So let's eat regular carrots and keep themselves clean.

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