An easy way to lighten and brighten winter skin

Come winter, the color black is always going to look not just becoming dirty and dull. When you see a little note, and a bright cold day in the face of a difficult job fair. Some important tips to know. Calalei compliance rules will be a little lighter and brighter your skin this winter.

1) look dirty and black to show the first day of winter, because of the wrong food. Especially those with oily skin, they look more like black. Choose a cream that is easy to understand his own crazy face merges with the sticky feeling and are not made. Additional oily food makhe caught vacuum environment, can be damaged as a result of beauty in the face. To the accumulation of dirt on the skin looks black.

2) kosatao winter season, more than the accumulation of dead skin. Therefore, the rules scrubbing 3 times a week. However, a mixture of coffee and sugar mixed with a little lemon juice can be used as a scrubber. Coffee skin shine.

3) The color of the skin after a day in order to highlight the use of fresh tomatoes. Take out all of a tomato pulp, mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and a little fuller use neck-to-face. Throughout the winter will be sparkling skin.

4) before going out in the sun, use an umbrella. No matter how sweet willy skin to feel cold, but actually harmful as the summer sun. At the same time not too much hot water bath. The beauty and the natural color of your skin, lose both.

5) Another nice element to this winter may be lighter skin soft and ripe papaya. Catake of ripe papaya with honey, raw milk mixed with a little turmeric and apply the face-neck. When dry wash. You can do it once a week, the skin will be gorgeous.

6) The use of heating during the winter phesaoyasa change. Please select more mailada phesaoyasa. Alkaline and soap to make additional phesaoyasa black.

7) with plenty of water and eat vegetables. Are you surprised? There is no surprise. In winter, we simply reduce the amount of water we drink, the skin loses the natural brightness. And just as winter is not available in any season vegetables and fruits keeps you healthy and beautiful.

8) Clean your mouth with warm water in winter light. Tulaya pure rose water applied twice a day to clean the mouth. The skin becomes soft and fair.

9) the whole body, including the face before bath of olive oil and massage well. Then wait 30 minutes, the skin time to absorb the oil. Then remove the bath recovered. At the same time there will be glittering skin, fair.

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