Thin to thick hair quickly 7 Secret Tips

Weather, dust and hair fall is increasing day by day due to the negligence of indifference-but not in the same proportion gajacche hair. Due to the density of hair has started to ease. Thick, black eyes and long hair is no longer falling. If you want to increase the density of hair does not need to be too much trouble. 7 secret tips are very simple to learn.

1. Aloe gel 

Aloe Aloe Vera juice is especially helpful to grow hair. Aloe vera gel from the leaves of the gel applied directly to the scalp 1 hour of the day. Then wash the hair. Regular use will help hair grow.

2. Shampoo carelessly

Understand your hair type, use shampoo. Several major brands of shampoo that can be used when there is no such word. Use shampoo that will suit your hair. Otherwise, increase the amount of hair fall.

3. 1 day myrobalan

Very effective for hair myrobalan a meal. It helps to strengthen hair structure. Myrobalan Cultivate the habit of eating at least 1 day.4. Get regular oil massageAt least 3 days a week to do your hair in hot oil massage. If necessary, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, sesame oil, amanda ayelagulora can use any of the 3 mixed in a bottle.

5. Stay away from chemicals 

Hair color, to be annotated, to be straight with chemicals, the use of hair gel, spray, etc. geyara chemicals such close for about two months. Let hair grow naturally.

6. Anxiety and stress-free stay 

Stress and anxiety due to the hormonal balance in the body, which varies due to excess hair can be seen. Therefore, refrain from taking additional stress.

7. Build proper eating habits 

Vitamins B, C, E, zinc, iron, copper-rich foods diet Keep. Increase protein levels. The hair will be stronger and will help new hair to grow faster.

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