Reduce the weight of the fruits and vegetables should be avoided

Fruits and vegetables, the nutrient reservoir. To reduce ojana throughout the majority of the fruit and vegetable diets. But there are some fruits and vegetables, which may increase rather than reduce weight without diets! Know something about fruits and vegetables.

Sweet potato

 It is quite fun to eat sweet potatoes. But it was funny that there's plenty of calories! One cup contains 49 calories per Mash the sweet alute. One cup contains 212 calories and mash common alute. Alute starcai present the main cause of so many calories. But, as one cup of spinach or spinach sabujapatara letuse kyalarirao is less than 0.

Vegetable juice

 Many people get the nutrition of vegetables or vegetable juice blended drinks. But the truth is that it is adding more sugar and salt. That means taking extra sodium. So before buying vegetable juice is better to read the writing on the ingredients.

Dried fruits

 Dried fruits as much as possible by removing moisture from the fruit is made. This means that it is adding extra calories. One cup has about 500 calories kisamise dry.

Tropical fruit

 Delicious tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple of course, but compared to other fruits contain high levels of calories as a result. They eat limited quantities. Instead, you can eat apples. It would take less calories, and high fibers will be accepted.


 Avocado is the fruit of our country is not too high in calories and fat, but avocados are basically well-known reasons. As a result, there are 384 calories in a cup of avocados kucano. But there are plenty of nutritious ingredients, so do not exclude completely from the diet. Instead, eat a limited amount.

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