Salman, Katrina together!

Salman Khan will be seen together kyatarinake! In fact, not on the screen. According to sources, the Middle East jibanadharabhittika brand's advertising splasa shooting them will be seen together.Mickey jagatiyanira brand in the United Arab amiratabhittika Indian businessman. According to brand advertising, Kabir Khan's' stripelighting shooting for Salman will be shooting in Ladakh before advertising. Salman and Katrina together starred in five films. But together they do not have any ads.

"Salman and Katrina together in Kabir Khan's film was humming. Last month, the news was false sallura and Cat fans are very frustrated. Deepika Padukone role in the film-makers to hear officially, but has not yet announced the name of the heroine.However, later on in the film, Salman and Katrina Raj Kumar santosira acting murmur is heard.Ranbir and Katrina's boyfriend at the beginning of the year with a four-year relationship ended in Kanpur. Since the value of the host-actress Yulia Romania go into a relationship with India. Mid-Day

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