Sing another song

"When melatei lips, then Bapu's participants do not match. 'Producers Farhan Akter was agreed Actress Shraddha Kapoor. His new film "Rock On tu for this actress already has two singing voices. It was decided that all of a sudden, the two songs will not run, even to him to sing a song.Chabisanslista sources said, had pledged to respect the voices of the two songs Kapoor. The sudden decision, will add one more song. Him to sing as well. He is the image of the lips and play the song. 

There is too much time to be decided at the last moment. At any time to enter the studio respect. Preparation is underway.Respect the last film of the bagi-Farhan Akter were seen also highly appreciated. According to sources, the song Farhan request has respect for his film. Celebrity Vocal Coach Samantha Edwards at the start of the training, he said. Priyanka Chopra trained voice to the coach. However, these did not want to comment on or pharahanadera one respect. Mid-Day

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