Over Rs 650 crore, "kabalira" income!

Is there anything that can not Rajinikanth! I do not think. Bhilenake bullet before he ran over to one of the film or of the total income.

Garayani broke all records at the box office two weeks in his new movie 'kabali. In the meantime, the film earned over Rs 650 crore.

As a result, the number one country in terms of collection now kabali. You know how much money was payment for such films Night of the Self?

It is not clear, but there is a producer that number to 35 million. Whoa, whoa, the story does not end here. There's more!

The 35 kotitei thalaibha did not stop. A large portion of the profits at the box office kabalira or her pocket. That's more like 45 million.

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