1 Keep it away to eat bananas every day, only 12 health problem

The banana is a fruit of the familiar. The fruit is available throughout the year. But many of us do not like to eat the fruit. Many people think that fat makes the body tissue. He regularly plays in tissue increases the capacity of digestion. Art in many nutrients the body needs to keep healthy. So every day Put a banana diet, and see the magic. So let's see the benefits of a daily diet of bananas

1. Art is a scaled fruit. This helps to increase the power of digestion. Digestive problems to eat a banana every day.

2. Hemoglobin in the body to insulin and requires a large amount of vitamin B-6. The banana has plenty of vitamin B-6, which is the body nutrition yogiye.

3. Eating 3 bananas per day will help keep your blood pressure under control. Those who suffer from high blood pressure problems, their daily diet to keep bananas, you will have to control your blood pressure.

4. Before you eat two bananas daily exercise. It will just make your blood sugar level and blood sugar control with it.

5. There are plenty of banana iron. As a result, the body's blood on a regular banana vacuum is eliminated.

6. Art helps weight loss. A study art for a long time to fill the stomach is feeling. As a result, there is no other meal taste and interest. Which helps to reduce weight.

7. A study of reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases is fiber foods. Eat bananas every day and stay away from heart disease.

8. Is quite beneficial for the recovery of muscle tissue in the body. Eat it before or after exercise, your muscle tissue will fix the problem and helps to build leg muscles strong.

9. Many people think that we are lemons, and vitamin C kamalatei only. We have found some interesting facts, but vitamin C banana. Apart from the many nutrients found in bananas.

10. There are plenty of banana myagasiyama which helps to dispel sadness. We suffer from depression are a lot of different reasons. Art is much more effective to get rid of the sadness.

11. Art is an increase in body strength. Lots of banana amount of magnesium, vitamin, mineral, which has the power to increase the body's energy level is OK. 1 Keep it for breakfast every day design work throughout the day to give energy.

12. There are plenty of potassium banana, which provides oxygen to the brain is. This helps to keep the amount of water in the body.

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