Jennifer tears

"What a day that could not recognize myself to wake up?" - The Italian Film Festival giphani a "question-answer" session was the question of a young Hollywood star Jennifer ayanistonake. He replied in a very organized. Jennifer was organized together with the response of the eyes water. Because of the fear of losing the very evident in this actress. Jennifer was crying on stage, the auditorium at the hands of the people, hence there is no finger, every time I've felt that way in life. I have encountered this situation numerous occasions. "For many years has been working with success in this world performance. However, a moment to lose some of these fears are often unsettles him. Think, 'Can I survive? "The actress sometimes despair. After he overcame it.A few days before the "Friends" series, star of his great discussion about the rumors of being pregnant. At that time, the actresses being hotly protested against these rumors, he said. Huffington Post newspaper wrote a column about it pathetic. The storm did not stop the discussion ayanistona-stop 'emotional comments nirapattahinatabisayaka fans really concerns him. Yahoo News.

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