Just friendship

Hollywood actors, a lot of hidden stories of friendship, love and romance becomes characharite. But pure friendship between men and women that may be, there's a lot of examples. Let us assume that he is some kind of star-couple 

1. Julia Roberts-Richard Gere 

Surely there pretty omyanake? 5 years ago in the film with Julia Roberts and Richard pair of gears and throw. The film has earned such a reputation, as well as friendly relations between the two stars. However, their relationship could not be heard any rumors or anything reprehensible. Julia, 47, and Richard, now 65 years old and over. They appeared on television three months ago Pretty Woman sang their own unique bandhutberao jayagana of the commemoration. 

2. Kate Winslet-Leonardo dikyaprio

They Titanic Rose and Jack's. The main themes of the film was romansai them commercially. Therefore, it is difficult to convince fans that attracted visitors and the media, they have just played, did not truly love. However, Kate and Leonardo always said that they never step outside baranani friendship. The beautiful relationship they have established for more than 0 years. It will strengthen day by day. 

3. Katie Holmes-Jamie Fox 

The first was how Jamie met with Katie, I do not remember any of it now, but perhaps by Tom Cruise. A charity exhibition after the quadrille was rumored, were in love with the star. However, they have rejected it repeatedly. Various sources told, they met secretly doing. But Katie and Jamie Strong north, it is friendship percent. 

4. Jennifer Lawrence-Bradley Cooper

The American smiled film Silver Linings Playbook and the chemistry between the two stars has been successful. Serena! The film bound pair. However, in reality, they are friends. I told Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley, like his brother. 

5. Jennifer Aniston-Jason Bateman

They have traditional ties of friendship. "Friends," Aniston's name and well-known television programs from before the start of his affection betamyanera. Haribala basesa and the switch worked together in the film. 

6. George Clooney Julia Roberts 

Hollywood's brightest stars have their names. Eleven film osenasa to work together from the time they bring an inseparable friendship. So many women have been close to Clooney, Julia Roberts, but never with the relationship did not go beyond the limits of friendship.

Ashish Acharya, suggest based on Reuters and The Daily Mail

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