5 minutes without taking a breath!

Robi atimanabi maragota really say. Because the known world of his special power. One of the special powers, with Australian actress may not breathing or five minutes in a row!Jimmy Fallon "in a recent episode of The Tonight guest was so maragota Ravi. He will be looking forward to next Friday's release of the film "Suicide in skoyada. Fallon was the guest of the film ranei vaccine.Maragota the occasion of his latent talent, said: "I often" Suicide Squad "sets my body double (dummy) Ingrid game played with a kind of hold your breath. Both may be stuck with the company saw a long breath. At one stage, I was very unhappy breath for five minutes until the end of the game can be trapped. However, a double and a half of my body, leaving me to stop breathing for five minutes was lost. In fact, this whole thing depends on practice. No one will be able to do it without practice. "Asked how he learned of the strange lore maragota Fallon said, "A Free daibharera (Diver) I had four sessions. How to hold his breath under water, it is well known to them. They can hold the breath for a long time. It's a kind of meditation. Mentally and physically it's very effective. "Hello Guinness.

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