A post five and a half million dollars in revenue!

The sky is no longer a distant stars. Hand, tip of the finger. Courtesy of social media stars are much more 'social' becoming. Their sociable nature, but may be hidden behind the commercial accounts. Recently, a research firm said bijnapanabhittika, Selena Gomez stars as one of the posts with five and a half million dollars can earn up!Facebook, Instagram, Twitter-like social media Overall, 18 million more people connected with Selena. I mean, any post Selena reaches millions of people. It can be any product of the campaign. Being alone. So not only update their personal stars, many of the social media dutiyali.But ever wondered, how much you can earn from the post of the communities they? Selena is one of the most popular at the moment might be to post earnings of Bangladeshi currency worth 4 million to 31 million! Not, however, to confirm the amount of the income from the post. The brands depends on their agreement.The social media is the most marketable stars Selena Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, riyana, Beyonce Knowles and Taylor Swift. Cosmopolitan.

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