Sharon Stone's Jeans price of Rs 4 lakh

Once the sexy Hollywood actress Sharon Stone. However, speaking of the actress 'once,' That's not exactly true. The fans still think he made that sensation, and he can not be called old-fashioned at all. Sharon Stone recently in an auction to sell a jeans as it happened. He used a jeans was sold at 4 lakh 31 thousand 660 rupees (around US $ 5 thousand).Recently, Jeans for Refugees called an auction is held online. The auction was held in Dar es Johnny US artists and designers. The Hollywood star of donated jeans. According to organizers, the money will be donated to the auction by selling pants International Committee for Refugees (aisiara) fund.

"Kyatauiki 'name Jeans pants celebrities up for auction on a website set up to sell the pants Sharon Stone. Then there was the singer Pink colored jeans prices, the price rises to Rs two lakh 35 thousand 450 (3 thousand US dollars).Without it, even the Hollywood stars have joined the initiative themselves, they became actors Audrey tatu, Eva Longoria, Emma Watson, benisio del toro, singer Elton John, Lily Allen, Mick Jager, model Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham designer and singer. The online auction began Tuesday. Dar said the online auction will run until October. Pants can be associated with many other stars of the auction. AFP.

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