Health & Beauty practicing henna leaves a very different use 7

Natural hair color and hair is beginning to strengthen pair of henna leaves. Strengthen the hair roots, henna has been used to prevent hair fall. In addition to the hair care Henna can be used to more. Let's learn more about some of the different uses of henna.

1. Preventing foot jbalapora

 Fresh henna leaves vinegar and leave it inside a pair of socks. The overnight stay after the socks on his feet. This will reduce a lot of jbalapora feet.

2. To reduce headache 

 Henna plant flower head helps to eliminate pain. Plant flowers with henna paste and vinegar mix. It is a pain in the forehead, or put it. You can also use the henna paste.

3. Good blow to the mouth

 This can be made with henna, mautaoyasa. Henna leaf powder to mix with water. Make it through the kulakuci. This is a blow to the face and mouth antiseptic as well.

4. Reading to prevent baldness

 Mustard oil with henna leaves a few days firewood. When it is cold, use the scalp. This will prevent baldness.

5. To remove dandruff

 Dandruff hair biggest enemy. This is quite effective henna to remove dandruff. Mustard oil, fenugreek, boiled with henna leaves, use it by adding hair. Take 1 hour after the shampoo. It removes dandruff and make hair beautiful sparkling.

6. Ghamacira to prevent burning

 Henna paste on the back, neck and other parts of the plant prickly heat affected. This will help to reduce ghamacira itching and burning.

7. Prevent arthritis pain

 Arthritis and rheumatic pain to get rid of all the oil henna quite effective. Take the pain the henna oil massage. From one day to two months to get good results.

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