When vegetables are boiled in 10 essential nutrients increases manifold

Like the idea of ​​conventional raw vegetables have nutrients than cooked vegetables. But some researchers have proved this idea wrong. Modern researchers believe that there are some vegetables cooked in the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients to hold more. Let us assume that the names of some of these vegetables.

1. Carrot

 Boil the carrots with a little amount of water and salt. If you want to give some pepper. This boiled carrots is good for the eyes.

2. Potato

 Many favorite potato a vegetable. But weight loss is to remove as many of the favorite vegetables. When the potatoes are cooked, can reduce the calories. So those who want to lose weight, they can eat potatoes.

3. Bit

 Blood circulation increases the bit body. To fix the problem a bit menstrual plays an important role. Experts say, should be cooked a bit just three minutes, not more.

4. Beans

 The amount of boiled beans mixed with a little salt and pepper can make it very beneficial for patients with diabetes. According to experts, the beans should be boiled for at least six minutes.

5. Broccoli

 A significant increase in flavor when cooked broccoli. If you want to eat broccoli in boiling water for just a little olive oil salade days. This will increase the taste of broccoli.

6. Indian spinach

 According to the researchers, if the latter is better cooked green leafy vegetables can be harvested. Among them, fenugreek and Indian spinach boiled over when the material is healthy.

7. Sweet corn

 Nutrition plays a lot of boiled sweet corn increased. These nutrients and fiber, which works to prevent constipation.

8. Sweet potato

 Eat boiled sweet potatoes are good for health. There are a lot of carbohydrates, which can increase the value realized.

9. Cauliflower

 More beneficial to eat boiled cauliflower. It's essential nutrients and vitamins is stored.

10. Cabbage

 This is even more delicious when boiled cabbage. It's the perfect Stew is a smell, which can be used to enhance food flavor.

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