Delicious onion leaves something extraordinary health benefits

What do you like to eat Chinese or Continental? These foods are essential components of the onion leaves. 5000 years ago China was the first to produce onion leaves. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians worshiped the Earth as a symbol of onion kandake? Leaves and onion bulb onion delicious and nutritious. It contains high levels of sulfur, which is beneficial for health. The soft tender onion have less calories. It is also called the Spring aniona or green onions. Onion leaves vitamin C, vitamin B-1, and is rich in thiamin. Vitamin A, and vitamin K is kande onion. Also, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, chromium, manganese, and fiber is. This is the source of koyarasetina phlyabhanayedera onion leaves. Let the leaves of the onion health benefits.

1. Heart health benefits

 Anti-oxidant, free radical onion leaf cells is tied to the caller and can prevent DNA damage. Blood pressure, high cholesterol and onion leaves vitamin C, which helps to reduce levels reduces the risk of heart disease. Sulfur is reduced risk of coronary heart disease of onion leaves.

2. Respiratory helps

 Anti-viral and anti-bacterial ingredient onion leaves as the common cold, flu and viral infections have been used as a home remedy. Respiratory mucus out of work, and helps to stimulate the onion leaves.

3. Increased bone density

 High doses of vitamin C and vitamin K onions on the bone, which is necessary for normal functions. Vitamin C works to combine collagen, which strengthens bones. On the other hand vitamin K plays a major role in maintaining bone density.

4. Maintains normal sight

 Luteina and onion leaves for the presence of carotenoids in the eye, the defense jenanthina influence. And the maintenance of normal vision plays an important role in protecting eye health, vitamin A, which is part of the Spring aniona green.

5. Reduces the risk of cancer

 Allyl sulfide sulfur is so green onion reduces the risk of colon cancer. Green onions are phlebhanayeda cancer resistant material.

6. Prevent stomach complications

 Gastro intestainala beneficial role in reducing the problem of green onions. Spring is a powerful natural remedy for diarrhea and stomach complications aniona. Moreover, high levels of leaf and onion taste helps increase fiber digestion.

7. Works against infection

 Onion leaves mineral components of sulfur and vitamin K helps prevent the growth of mold, which helps blood to clot. They also sambahanera blood and improves the body's absorption of vitamin B-1 reduces the stress and fatigue. The collar protects the body from inflammation and loss of vitamin C in the onion leaves.As well as the pages of The Onion, which contain anti-histamine and anti inaphlyametari arthritis and asthma treatment gives better results, helps pity, good for eye disease, skin, and blood sugar levels and reduce help prevent deflationary. Eat onions on a regular basis so as to protect health.

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