Make your brain more active and lively guide 6,

55-year-old man arrived mental power is weak. Do not forget a lot of things. It takes the form of Alzheimer's disease, go to 65. However, the young man that lives inside bayasabhede various strange, ajagubi and folly to the trend. We do a lot of stupid anicchabasatai varying life. I forget a lot of things. Forced out of the house, such as keeping in mind that these glasses! But it is normal, but preventable. The New York Times written by Wael Cornell Medical College Clinical Psychiatry professor Richard phraidamyanera There are several ways in which the current scientific training, we will make our own brain agile. Let's assume that means they do not delay.

1. Brain Game

 How-day newspaper is the play of the intellect. There are also books and magazines written on this subject alone. Make it a regular practice. As a result, your brain becomes animated. Phraidamyanera according to a British study, however, found that, in certain cases, the mental capacity to match the intellectual sense, but such improvements do not increase. (Business Insider)

2. To believe in yourself

 According to Business inasaidarera, low-olds to improve their own faith in their karanotai that creates a feeling that they are a good test of intelligence. And so much of myself believe that anatai forward them to the brain, and can encourage them to do good.

3. Body and mananacarca

 Mind and body exercise, the exercise and yoga can be a good way to make the brain more capable. Yoga has been involved in a lot of lives already. This removes the problem of the human body, it helps to calm your mind right. The scans found that yoga carcakaridera ephaemaaraai yoga affects the structure of the human brain. His attention, memory and performance reinforces (How Stuff Works). Speaking of exercise and bodybuilding snayukosaguloke merakolakama janaya increase, further strengthen their communication and protect them from being destroyed with a maximum capacity of your brain is getting at. Exercise also produces material protects nerves in the brain, increases blood flow to the brain, helps to eliminate inflammation of the brain sorts.

4. Bacteria

 The researchers said that the messy saga at 010 in June to examine a type of bacteria found in the brain iduradera who iduradera increase brain power. And that's the case. However, you do not have to be inside the garbage. Gardening or cleaning of the bacterial body, it is possible to get through.

5. Food and sleep

 Sleep for some time, but the man did not dirghasthayibhabe mental improvement. According to a Harvard University study of the people sleeping inside their brain communication may utilize more than 33 per cent (marakola). Also glukojake brain power to the drive is working properly. However, sometimes the less glucose is produced in the brain. The coconut oil works well as a tonic. Also showed that vitamin D, vitamin B-1, omega-3 fat can be more productive way to your brain!

6. Music and good relations

 Music can calm your brain a lot. A Harvard professor also found that studies like this preoccupation about the human brain works better and faster (Business Insider). Susamparkagulo keeps us so much healthier mental health.

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