The magic uses 10 cloves

Clove spice as the only thing we know, just like many of you do not know about the quality of assorted. However, the market is filled with imitations of our country with cloves. The essence of cloves gunahina khosatuku only as spices are sold in the market nowadays, which is not beneficial for you at all. The cloves are some ways to recognize, at the same time this is a great advantage and use the cloves. Let's assume that magical quality of the spices.

1) tooth pain? Keep the affected area and mauled several labam, that will relieve tooth pain. When you see the target, the majority of claims remain tuthapestai cloves. This is exactly why!

2) knee, back or joint pains any bones? Take several cloves. Tyler mild heat to the pan. Tyler said the labangake kapure bound to create a truss. Truss foment the affected area with hot these days. The pain can be reduced.

3) to reduce nausea crushed clove mixed with honey to taste. Find comfort.

4) The common cold or asthma, sinus problems, etc; A few cups of tea a day playing cloves to alleviate the disease. The water will create enhanced clove tea, ginger tea made the right way.

5) The intense head pain? A few drops of clove oil on the forehead with a cloth or tissue Keep. 15 minutes and remove. Reduce headache.

6) To remove odor in the mouth peerless cloves. Your breath will be some tough cibalei fresh.

7) Do you feel intense stress and anxiety? Try to eat a piece of sucking up the cloves into the mouth. You can drink like cloves. Will be breezy mood.

8) to compare cloves to remove acne. Fresh clove powder mixed with a little honey Keep on acne. Acne will go away.

9) the use of clove oil, oil mixed with your regular use will reduce hair fall and hair density will increase.

10) Pregnant mothers can suck the cloves in the morning to relieve nausea. If you feel a little better, not only in the face of cloves can be mixed with molasses. Many will be relieved in the

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