If you want to reduce your body and mind, which is 10 years of age eat

Who does not want to stay young forever? But the natural way people can not long retain her youth. With age, the body and the mind is to move away from the youth. And when it comes to age naturally in the body takes place in the mind of aging. The old man becomes mentally and physically. But note 7 to the food that you eat your body and mind for a long time can keep youth. The food you body and mind, which will help to reduce the 10-year.

1. Orange
A single orange a day can give back to youth. This will not only refresh the imprint of the body to create vitamin C as well as vitamin C will help your skin to increase further. As a result, the body and you will feel quite young.

2. broccoli
Half cup of broccoli a day like expanding the scope of your body and your physical function ayanarjike helps accelerate. 3-day supply of vitamin C in broccoli is capable of. There is also salaphoraphena brokalite nutritious detaksiphikesane helps the liver and contains some elements which may help prevent cancer in your body makes. As a result, you can keep youth in body and mind for a long time.

3. Low-fat yogurt
Find a variety of low-fat yogurt sbasthyaguna exist. The calcium and phosphorus helps to create the tooth enamel which will help make your Hussey pranojjbala much more. Eating low-fat yogurt also helps to prevent the skin shriveled unusual.

4. Black pepper
Golamaricee are plenty of anti-oxidants. It puts in motion the body's natural function, protect the body from the sun's harmful rays and supportive role in cancer prevention.

5. Berry fruit
Nourishing the body, such as the number of all types of fruit berry cranberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberries, raspberries. The BlackBerry is the most nutritious for the body because it contains large amounts of anti-oxidants. As a result of the berry contains plenty of vitamin C, which is quite effective for the skin.

6. Sweet potato
There are many different types of material, which is sweet alute quite effective for our body. There are plenty of anti-oxidants as well as the pain reliever contains two lots. As a result of a variety of body pain is reduced. In addition, it contains vitamins A, C and E in the skin and hair beauty provides a variety of nutrients increases.

7. Carrot
Carrot contains beta-carotene is plenty of new skin cells to grow sahayatai just does not work as well as anti-oxidant is. Anti-oxidant skin quite helpful to reduce the role of the skin. As a result, the 10-year-old will be reduced.

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